Friday, 10 June 2011


After months of use, I have finally finished my pan of SF Peach Sake Silky Finish Powder. To those new to this blog, let me reiterate my love for this Skinfood product. It is the best oil controlling loose powder I've tried to date. It comes in only one neutral shade ~ white. Which means it will fit most complexions. It is not meant to be a full coverage powder, so do not expect your flaws or blemishes to dissapear with this (For a loose powder with buildable coverage, you can try the 3W Palgantong Powder instead). What it promises to do however is to keep your face from the oilies and it does a superior job of sucking away the shine.

Now, most people I know would not not even consider trying out a new powder. Like, why rock the boat, when you've found a great product?

Well, I would like to put the blame on "reseach purposes for the shop". But that is of course untrue. I wanted to try Skinfood's Red Orange line, the Summer 2011 new release. And what better time to try than now and get the thing I've ran out of~ loose powder!

So this is the Red Orange Sun Powder:

What it promises:

Sun Protection~ It has SPF 45 +++, the highest I've seen in loose powder.

Oil Control ~ manages shine because of the red orange extract.

Light Coverage ~ light, finely milled powder. Comes in two shades, #1 Light Beige, #2 Natural Beige

Skin Vitamins ~ apparently this powder was formulated with vitamins to help the
skin combat darkening and provide added protection.

Price: More or less in the same price range as the Peach Sake Powder.

The Innards:

A powder puff is provided with the powder. Unlike the Skinfood Peach Sake Powder where the container has a typical plastic powder separator, the powder dispenser/separator for Red Orange is made of fine woven mesh. Think woven fabric with tiny holes in it. Now this is my biggest issue with this powder. If you go out of your way to make a good product, shouldn't you have spent enough time to test out your container? I don't really know what the logic is with this new powder sieve. But this I have to say: It is the worst loose powder dispenser I've ever tried. Why? See what happens when you accidentally tap on the powder container. Voila!

See all the wasted precious powder? It's a messy sight. You have to be very gentle with this powder sieve otherwise, you'll be wasting a whole lot of fine talc.

*Sigh* Is it me just being ignorant on how to use this powder container, or is there really something wrong with the container's design?

The Powder:

The product itself is good. Plus it's pretty light on the skin. I tested it on a not too hot weekend (15 deg C) while running around doing errands-- shipping out stuffs, going to Myeongdong, buying stocks. And yes it does have a pretty okay oil control.

However, the shade of this powder is a bit too pink for me. Or maybe it's because of the high SPF.

Here comes a boring explanation: Most make-ups/foundations/powders with high SPFs (sun protection factor) give off white casts. This is particularly obvious in photos. The reason is simple. Most make-ups get their SPFs from Titanium Dioxide. It's a white powder which acts as a physical barrier between the sun and your skin. Because it is white, it reflects and gives off a greyish cast on the complexion. This is the culprit for the white casts. For the Red Orange Powder, yes there is a bit of a white cast here. But because I use it only as a finishing powder, it's really not too bad. Plus, the surest way to combat a white cast is to highlight your cheeks with a great looking blush and a strong lip color.

On a range of 1 to 5, I give this a solid three. Peach Sake Silky Powder is about 4. Will I buy it again, probably not. I'll stick with my tried and tested Peach Sake Powder.


  1. yesss! i hate that kind of packaging. parang trampoline! :D the powder will bounce off pag nadiinan mo yung sifter na cloth. kainis!

  2. Jap: True true! What I hate the most aside from the waste is how messy it looks. Grrr~What's up with the design diba? And considering na Sun powder sya so usually dadalhin mo yan kahit san. Good luck sa puff mo kung anong itsura pag nagbounce bounce yung powder container sa bag haha!

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