Wednesday, 14 August 2013

Dry in the Sun: A Review of Vichy Laboratoires' Anti-Perspirant Treatment

The summer season in Spain is worse than the hottest days in the Philippines. The temperature rises up to 40 degrees Celsius and the days are unforgivably long and infernal! The sun rises at 6 AM and dusk comes only at 10 PM. Even though I usually work an extra hour at the office, at 7 PM, as I bravely walk my way to my house, the sun is still at its fiercest. Madrid at 7 PM in the summer is like 12 noon on the hottest summer day in the Philippines. It is so hot that my skin has darkened by a few shades despite my religious use of sunblock and my avoidance of going out on weekends because of the the dizzyingly hot weather. I can only blame this melanin-dose to my daily thirty minute walk from the office to my home.

The days are so hot that even my trusted deodorant of choice can no longer keep up its sweat proof promise. I have noticed that after walking 30-40 minutes out in this hot summer sun, my underarms go moist and icky.

My once trusted deodorant: Vichy Laboratoires Stress Resist Deodorant (Made in France)

Last week, while in France, the friend and I dropped by a pharmacy to buy our Bioderma hauls and I came across another Vichy Product that's made especially for underarm perspiration. I was so intrigued by its promise that I bought one to try. What makes this antiperspirant different from my old Vichy Stress Resist deodorant and the other so-called "24 protection" deos available in shops and drugstores all over?

The old and the new. My old and new antiperspirant of choice

Well, first off, the Anti-perspirant Treatment is an odorless cream. A thin layer must be used at night before sleeping. In the morning, you take a bath then start your day! You do not have to reapply the antiperspirant cream (or any other deo) again!

Second, it's a treatment program to stop excessive perspiration, similar to the now hard to find, pharmacy grade DriClor. In the first two weeks of treatment, the Vichy Anti-perspirant Treatment must be used four times a week, then from the third week onwards, it's to be used only twice a week.

Here's a photo of the actual instruction for use as printed on the product box:

I've been using the Vichy Anti-Perspiration Treatment since Sunday, applying it after my evening shower. The next day, I don't use anything for my underarm and surprisingly, my underarms have been absolutely dry! Sweat proof for the past four days! Hurray! An awesome product for less than 15€!

I researched a bit about its formulation and this is what I found out: The treatment contains micro-refined aluminum sesquichlorohydrate, the active antiperspirant agent in its formulation. It has no alcohol, no paraben, is tested to be hypoallergenic and is made with thermal spring water from Vichy, France.

At 12€ for the 30 ml cream, it might seem a bit too expensive, but considering that one will only use a very thin layer for 2x a week (after the first two weeks), it's actually value for money. I also checked Amazon US and it is sold there for 24$. Almost 2x the price in Europe!

PRODUCT SUMMARY: Vichy France AntiPerspiration Treatment
7 Days Treatment 30 ml

Country of Origin: France
Dispensation Form: Cream type (odorless, white color)
Allergens: Product is guaranteed to be hypoallergenic, paraben free, alcohol free
Availability: 5 pieces arriving in TLCShop Paranaque in October
To reserve or order in bulk, please use our TLCShop Query Form
TLC Retail Price: PHP 750.00 (Limited stocks arriving in Oct. 2013)

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