Tuesday, 20 December 2011

Last Beauty Buy for 2011: Missha Time Revolution First Treatment Essence

If you do not know yet, Missha released its most expensive product to date in mid-2011:

It's the Missha Time Revolution First Treatment Essence. It is Missha's version of SK-II's banner product, The Facial Treatment Essence.

While The First Treatment Essence is expensive (TLCShop Regular Price: PHP 2300.00), it is still at least 1/4th the price of SK-II's treatment Essence( PHP 9000.00).

What are these pricey essences for? The yeast based extract in these essences are supposed to moisturize the skin while improving its texture and clarity. Thus the promise of supple, brighter skin.

Hope in A Blog compares the two in detail here. From a cursory look at the product specs and price points, Missha looks like a mighty contende because:

1. It is cheaper~ by more about US $150.

2. While both product's star ingredients is the fermented yeast extract ( pitera in SK-II is sake-based, while Missha's yeast extract is cerevisae-based, the yeast used for beer making), Missha added a lot of other good for the skin ingredients such as: Niacinamide, licorice extract and lactic acid.

3. Unlike SK-II which lists down Methylparaben in its ingredients, Missha's First Treatment Essence is paraben fee, mineral oil free and alcohol free. In theory then, this would be "purer" than its more expensive counterpart.

The Missha Winter Sale in Korea (which runs until Dec. 31) and my need for a really light moisturizer/essence egged me to get one. It's currently 30% off the normal price ( TLCShop Sale Price: PHP 1670.00).That's a sizeable discount! So more than a week ago, I bought myself a bottle.

How to use, according to the directions on the Product Box:

1. After cleansing, use cotton pads to apply enough quantity of the First Treatment Essence to face. Pat face mildly to ensure total absorption of essence.

2. Follow with moisturizer if required.

The Product itself:

It's basically just like water: liquidy and without any discernible scent.
It does not sting or redden the face despite it containing lactic acid.

Effect: Because I use M2 Skin Refinish every other night. I only use the FTE in the morning and every other night. Since I have been using it only for more than a week. No effect yet except for the fact that my skin is not as dry as before. I do wish it will turn supple soon haha!

Unlike SK-II, Missha's First Treatment Essence did not break me out. So I do hope it works well in the long run! Will make an updated entry after a full month of using it :-)


  1. Argh. I want. Pero wala na akong budget :( Napunta sa Benefit ~_~

  2. Hehe! Okay lang Clair, I am a Benefit addict too! What Benefit item did you get? Share! :-) I heard competitive daw ang prices ng Benefit Manila sa US or even Dutyfree prices :-)

  3. Thanks for sharing this review...sounds promising...Will try to check this out...=)

  4. hi, I have a question. is the bottle glass or plastic? I mean missha.


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