Saturday, 2 October 2010

FULL DISCLOSURE: Let's Get Some Facts Out of The Way

Yes I am a geek and I do nerdy stuffs for a living.

That and I’m a girl. And there is no girl in the world who doesn’t want to be beautiful.

This blog is about my own personal quest for beauty. Most of the stuffs here will be Product Reviews of stuffs I’ve personally used. And maybe, other stuffs about beauty and fitness.

Oh and one last important thing. I own two businesses related to beauty: an online beauty shop and a free-standing specialty shop in Davao City, Philippines which carries my novel finds, beauty products included. I'm disclosing this now just so I will not be accused of hard-selling or hiding facts :-) However, this is a beauty blog not a sales pitch blog. And I have no intention of selling stuffs here. So I will always be fair with my reviews of products, whether or not we carry them in our shops or not.

So there, the white elephant is out (it’s a metaphor haha, see how geeky I am?!). Up next, the good stuffs!


  1. Nice, Joanne! Can't wait to hear beauty tips from you and the rest of the gang. Linking you up! :)


  2. hey Kath! Thanks! Super na-busy naman at di pa nakapagpost ulit haha. *geek mode muna* lol!

  3. Hi Joanne, following you! I've been lurking around your shop for the longest time. Hope you post more stuff, esp. about how beauty & fashion stuff is in Korea! I didn't know until your Skinfood entry that it's less than midlevel there. Laneige here has its own store in Trinoma a la Shu Uemura or Shiseido; taray! Haha :)

  4. Hi Kari! Thanks for following! Will try to post more stuffs :-)


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