Saturday, 19 March 2011

Lava: A Cheapskate's Lipstick Nirvana

There's been a bit of a buzz about these lipsticks in Seoul. First, they are impossibly cheap (about 200 pesos each). Second, reviews have compared the finish and wear of these lippies to MAC lipsticks.

I've seen them more than a year ago while browsing through the famous korean internet marketplace, but I never got interested enough to buy. I loved Nature Republic's petit cherry lipsticks, and because they are almost the same price, there was no incentive for me to try a brand that's a bit hard to get (You can only buy these lava lipsticks at wholesale cosmetics shops or online).

However, a client asked about this lipstick line a couple of months ago, so off I went looking for them again and reading the korean reviews (thank you google translate!). Turns out, these lipsticks are quite popular to the younger set. Plus the color range is unbelievable! 70 effing shades! I also learned that it is manufactured only for the domestic market by Samsung's Home & Healthcare division.

Suffice to say, that I was piqued enough to order three lippies for myself, haha! I'm trying hard to convince myself that this is in the name of "product research". Anyhow, 600 pesos for three lipsticks is a steal.

First, here's the Lava Lipstick Palette. 70 colors. At such a cheap price. It's unbelievable.

I ordered Shade 1 which is a bright red color, Shade 10 which is in magenta, and Shade 8 which is a dark pink.

First thing I noticed is that the lipsticks were packed in a no-nonsense way. No frills, no outer boxes. Just three lipsticks in a transparent paper and bubble wrap.

The lipstick cases themselves are a minimalist black. And the Lipstick Colors are just denoted by number.

The lippies are actually very pretty and really value for money. Each fullsized lippy is about 4 grams.

I tried the #10 and I noticed that it was very creamy and practically scentless except for a hint of something cocoa-y, perhaps shea butter? The shades I choose are as is shown in the catalogue so I'm happy with that. As for staying power, I haven't tried them yet at the office, but I suppose they'll be just like most Korean lipsticks which stay only about 3-4 hours.

For the price and considering the creamy finish and the unbelievable range of colors, I think Lava is still a cheapskate's possible source of lipstick nirvana.


  1. Any update on these lipsticks? As early as now I am already looking for affordable but quality stocking-stuffers for my best gal pals and these look like they might fit the bill. Haha. Still considering NYX Round Lipstick or Round Lipgloss too, though.

  2. Hi sis! Lava Lipsticks are great and yep very cost effective. I have not used lippies for a few weeks na though, naaddict ako sa lip tints now eh haha. But yep will make for nice presents :-)

  3. Could you post swatches of these? :)


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