Tuesday, 1 March 2011

The Little Drugstore (HAIR) Brand That Rocks

Beauty Credit is a Korean cosmetics brand whose image model is Go Hye Sun, of Boys Over Flowers fame. While I don’t particularly like the Beauty Credit brand for anything cosmetics, I think the company (Somang Cosmetics) makes great, affordable hair products.
Here are the two Somang HAIR products that I really love:

Beauty Credit Silk Protein Hair Aqua Essence: It’s basically a nutrient hair mist containing silk protein/ceramide that you spray on your wet or dry hair . It supposedly helps for healthy, softer hair. In my case, I have extremely dry, rebonded hair and since I hate using any kind of sticky leave-on goop to give my hair some shine, this works well for me. Just a couple of sprays before going out and my hair is somehow tamed. It also has a very mild powdery scent, which is a plus for those who have sensitive noses (i.e. rhinitis sufferers). The spray bottle shown in the picture is about 250ml and it is really,really, really cheap. I cannot reveal the price haha, but we used to sell this at the shop for roughly 270 Pesos.

Somang Coenzyme Q10 Treatment Rinse: It’s basically a Conditioner and works wonders for my brittle as hell hair. For the price roughly 500 pesos for the 500 ml bottle), it works way better than the more expensive branded Conditioners (Hello Skinfood!). I do have to admit that I use this conditioner with Loreal Professionel Treatments (which I buy in Pinas when I go home). But because my hair is so dry that I need to condition everyday, this works as a cost-effective and good preventive measure for my hair. (Yes preventive, because as with any other girl with rebonded hair, the goal is to prevent the hair from growing into its natural frizzy state :P )

Another good thing about Somang Hair Products is that you can usually find them at big grocery stores, that's a big plus for convenience.

[Sidenote: The price difference for Loreal hair products here and in Pinas is smirk-inducing! The Loreal Professionel Treatment which I buy at my Davao neighborhood salon for PHP 800.00 is about 2.5x more expensive in Seoul (and you have to get them at the Salons too.)]


  1. Yay to Somang! I love the stuff that I bought from your shop.

    Btw, I'm happy that you're blogging already! Keep the posts coming


  2. Brendel! Hehe! Thank you! Yep love ko na rin talaga mga hair products nila. Affordable kasi and maganda :-)


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