Saturday, 2 April 2011


Just so you know, you’re one expensive brand. 32k won (about 1.5k pesos) for a simple powder pact?! I would not have even considered trying your stuffs if not for the CC rebate I got. I figured, why not use the rebate to buy something I will not normally buy because of the price?

So now, dear Lotree, my bag is a tiny bit heavier due to you.

For my order of the Lotree Rosa Davurica Triple Cake SPF32 and Peach Eye Crayon, you so kindly included a 15 ml tube of your Luminous Moisture Tinted SPF30, which is I guess, your version of the BB Cream.

I was piqued by your tagline: LOTREE, ONLY POWDER. Huh? What does that mean? But you also offer other items?! But now I get it. You don’t use talc and mineral oil in your products. Great! Is that why your items are so effing pricey?

I’ve used the powder for three days now, and yes, it’s wonderful. It smells herby and natural, without any artificial perfumes. And yes, what you’re Korean site says is true—it settles into the skin without the powdery look.

As for the eye crayon, I’m happy with the very neutral color. It’s something I can use everyday just to add a bit of sparkle to my eyes.

Sadly, the BB cream, I have yet to use. I'm saving it for next time, after I finish my opened BB tube from another brand.

I do have high hopes for your products, because as of now, I am more than happy with my purchases, but I hope you can lower your prices a bit. A plain loose powder , no matter how lovely, if it sells for 32k won (about 1.5k pesos) in Korea where there are brands offering similar items at less than half the price just seems like, well, a bit like highway robbery.

OompaWoompa Girl


LOTREE’s main ingredient in all its products is the plant Rosa Davurica Pallas, a class of wild roses found in the mountains. The plant contains unusually high amounts of Vitamin and Beta-Carotene and Catechins (anti-oxidant hence anti-ageing chemicals).

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