Wednesday, 6 April 2011

Ghassoul is Good

What is Ghassoul? Ghassoul is a unique, 100% naturally occurring clay found only beneath the Atlas Mountains in Morocco. Ghassoul together with Argan Oil, both sourced only from Morocco, have been dubbed as Morocco’s best beauty secrets.

Ghassoul is basically just dried clay but because of its composition, it is rich in Silica, Magnesium, Calcium , Potassium and Iron, it supposedly has great capacity to absorb oil (surface and the oils inside blackheads and whiteheads), remove skin layers and improve skin texture.

To be honest, I had no idea what Ghassoul was until I stumbled upon an artsy boutique on the side streets of Seoul named TOO COOL FOR SCHOOL. It turned our to be a new beauty and crafts shop geared to those with artistic streaks (they have create-your-own –makeup palettes, they encourage clients to suggest new colors or products, and aside from the usual cosmetics and bodycare, TCFS also offers stationeries and craft items.)

One of the items that caught my attention was a canister with a title named Rules of Pore: Morrocan Ghassoul Tablet. It supposedly helps keep your pores clear and detoxifies your skin. So I googled Ghassoul, read some reviews and was convinced enough to order a canister for myself.

Ghassoul from Too Cool For School

Ghassoul Tablets

The Mask

How to Use: Dissolve a few tablets of Ghashoul in 3-4 tablespoons of warm to hot water (Adjust amount of water depending on the amount of Ghassoul you’re dissolving). Spread to face and/or body. Apparently, you can also use this for the hair as a mask to remove excess oils (I guess this would work for oily, limp hair), but personally, as the mask is a bit expensive, I wouldn’t consider using it on any other parts aside from my face and neck

The mask hardens in two-three minutes. And did I mention that it is completely odor-free? After the mask has dried, it feels like your face is literally beingstretched. I’ve used mudpack-type masks before such as Skinfood’s Chocolate Mask and Burt’s Bees Pore Refining Mask, but hands down this Ghassoul thing really stretches your face that it borders on the uncomfortable. The next time I used it, I adjusted the amount of Ghassoul tablets from four to two and it was more comfortable though still quite stretchy.

Does Ghassoul work? It is too early to tell, having used it only twice. But there are no breakouts and my face does seem calmer and less red after using it . I use M2 Skin Refinish too which when applied too thickly leaves the skin a bit red, so I think the Ghassoul Mask is a perfect complement to my regimen.

It is however a bit expensive, almost twice the prices of the masks and packs from Skinfood, Etude and even Missha. I’m guessing it's because it’s all natural and as of now only Too Cool For School offers this Ghassoul in Korea. If and when the lower-end brands jump into the Ghassoul bandwagon, I’m guessing prices for this mask will go down.


  1. Do report back on it once you've used it for a good amount of time. I'm looking forward to it since it does look like the type of thing that can work ^.^

    Love your blog, especially on the Lotree post. It's is effin' expensive.. --"

  2. Hi Stephanie! I will! Maybe in a month or two, since I only use it 1 or 2x a week at most :-)

  3. Wow!! I want this, I am so oily I can produce my own oil factory ewwww...

    Any other products you'd like to recommend for oily skin? Do tell! Thank you!

  4. Hi Aich! I'll bring samples of the Ghassoul when I go home to Pinas (and Davao of course) next week (will be in Davao on Sunday :-)). Drop by the shop and bigyan kita free sample :-)

  5. I've tried the Black head Ghassoul heating by Etude. I'm not really sure but somehow it made me break out even more. I'm not sure though because I've been sleeping late recently. I'd try to use it again when I have enough sleep.

  6. Good and amazing article, thanks for sharing your knowledge!


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