Monday, 30 May 2011

PARDON MY LIPS! ~ Color Swatches of TONY MOLLY Berry Berry Magic Lip Tints~

I have naturally dark lips, so forgive me for the transgression of showing them bare to the world haha. But here is my promised swatches of the Tony Moly Berry Berry Magic Lip Tints. To read my rave on this tint, read my earlier post.


And now with the Magic Lip Tints!

TONY MOLY STRAWBERRY (Transparent to Pink)
A good tint for young girls and for that barely there, pink lips look

TONY MOLY GREEN APPLE ( Green to Magenta Red)
My personal favorite because I can use on its own to the office. It gives the best color match for my lips

TONY MOLY GRAPE (Dark Red to Red)
The dark red color doesn't really show up on my lips haha. Which is why this is my least favorite of the three. But I suppose for lighter lip colors this will have a nice red effect.

From left: Strawberry, Green Apple, Grape

My fave of the three is still the Green Apple. How about you? Which one is your fave, your least fave?

P.S. For those asking, stocks of these will arrive at the shop on the 6th of June. Cheers!


  1. i also like Green Apple. ;)
    thanks for the swatches.

    _sugarnspice_ of GT

  2. Hi sis! Thanks for dropping by! Will visit you back too :-)

  3. the colour is so pretty... i like green apple...

  4. Thanks for dropping by galleryibu!

  5. love the green apple too!!!! :)))

  6. Hi Apple! Thanks for dropping by. Yay! Another one for the Green Apple team!

  7. i uber love the green apple as well! I pre-ordered 2 from you the other day as my current tub is running out! Hope to receive it soon ;)


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