Saturday, 23 July 2011

Cheap Eats in Seoul: Pizza, Korean-style

I admit, Seoul is an expensive city. Almost all things here are 2x – 3x the prices in my home country, the Philippines. I say almost, because there are a few things that are way cheaper here --- like Korean cosmetics and pizza.

Yes, Pizza. Not the western fastfood brands (Papa John’s, Pizza Hut) because they are still pricey here, but homegrown Korean brands such as Pizza School and Borysoo Pizza. For price and quality, they are pretty cheap, much cheaper than the pizzas in Manila.

After shipping the EMS package for the shop's new stocks today, I dropped by the Borysoo Pizza shop near my flat to get a regular (12”) pizza all for me. Bwahaha!

With the sweltering heat and so many tasks to do this weekend, I decided to stay
home today and finish all that needs to be finished so I can go out tomorrow. And pizza, delicious and comforting slices of deliciousness, is for me the perfect food to eat when working on a weekend at home --- cheap, delicious and so easy to eat. (I eat while typing up invoices, ordering stocks etc. which is why my keyboard have crumbs all over haha. )

For 5000 won (about PHP 220.00), I got a 12” Combination Pizza (8 pieces).

Mozza Cheese, ham, olives, onions, red sauce, beef bits and a circle of
Creamy mashed sweet potato on the outer crust!

This is one thing that makes Korean pizzas different. They love mashed sweet potato on their pizzas. Personally I don’t think it adds anything special on the already good pizza, but hey at least the outer crust is flavorful (kamote flavorful!).

The crust is thin but not exactly cracker thin. It’s said to be a New York style crust – much thinner than the normal pan pizza but still is chewy and substantial enough to hold a pretty thick mound of toppings. I like it this way , a nice balance of bread (the crust) and flavors (the toppings). I ate 3 for my lunch, the rest for dinner (glutton!).

I have to say though that the flavors of the pizza is a lot milder than what we usually get at a typical Pizza Hut or Shakey’s. The saltiness is less than what I am used to, so I pepper it up with red pepper flakes, ketchup, and parmesan cheese.

Still, it’s nice to buy something worth 220 PHP and make a whole day’s meal out of it ☺ So there, if you know where to look, there are some things that’s way cheaper in Seoul.


  1. I just had dinner and now you made me hungry again! Haha. I love pizza too, especially NY-style crust pizzas like Yellow Cab. =)

  2. Haha! Me too, though in Manila I like Brooklyn Pizza better (Great White!), cheaper too than YC haha~ But nothing beats the cheap pizzas here in Seoul :-)

  3. I noticed that too. It's like you're in the US if you consider the prices in Seoul. Sobrang mahal :)


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