Thursday, 20 October 2011

My Basic Kikay Kit

A confession: I'm writing this blog at the office. Shhhhh! I actually need to finish my presentation material for next week but my brain is getting numb from equations and all these terms --de-gassing, terminal velocity, Schoepentoeter...Ugh.

So I'm taking a break and am letting my mind wander into lighter, more feel good things.

Blogging = Therapy

I took pics of my super basic Kikay Kit a few weeks ago but forgot to blog about it so here it is.

Everything I need to last me through the long working day are here. Actually, most of the items here my favorites. So this is essentially a My Favorite Things post, albeit cut to the very basics.

My kikay kit is housed in a Le SportSac Pouch. It's actually the pouch for my weekender bag but it works well as my Kikay Kit because it's very light and is big enough for my stuff.

Lioele Waterdrop Aqua Makeup: it's a light tinted moisturizer that's more watery than most bb creams. I don't actually reapply this at the office. But I bring it just in case the need arises. :-)

Benefit ChaCha Tint: I use it more as a lip tint than a cheek tint. It gives a very natural peachy sheen to the lips, and like most Benefit Tints, the colors lasts awhile ~ about 3 hours min. for me.

Benefit Dandelion Boxed Powder in its super bugbog box: my current favorite blush.It's a very light pink blush. What I love about it is that there's no way you'll screw up applying this blush. Since it's very light, it just gives a natural glow effect.

La Roche Posay Toleriane Ultra: A gentle anti-irritant which works well for my irritated skin. The temperature's dipped in Seoul and the heaters are humming along at our office. Dry hot air = dryer, sometimes red, irritated skin. This moisturizer works well to calm the redness.

BBW Tangelo-Orange Pocket Bac: No explanation needed ;-) Most Filipinas I know keep one hand sanitizer with them wherever they go.

Love&Toast Sugar Grapefruit Mini Perfume: I don't normally use this at the office. But just in case!

Love&Toast Sugar Grapefruit Hand Creme: For my dry hands. Also, I love the sweet candy scent!

Tony Moly Magic Lip Tint in Red Grape: In lieu of a vavavoom red lipstick, I use this instead. Same effect, more long lasting! And cheaper too :-)

Skinfood Peach Sake Silky Finish Powder : to combat the shine on my T-Zone. It is still to me the best oil-absorbing powder I've tried.

What about you, what's in your Kikay Kit?

P.S. Toothbrush, Toothpastes, Red Flag Day items are not shown as I am sure nobody's interested to see them :-)


Our store carries the following items: Skinfood Peach Sake Silky Finish Powder, Tony Moly Lip Tints, Benefit ChaCha Tint.

I bought my latest batch of Love&Toast items from the Lotte Dutyfree Shop in Korea which is great because now I no longer need to pester someone in the US to buy them for me.

LaRoche Posay Toleriane Ultra can be bought from

BBW PocketBacs can be bought online at the Bath & BodyWorks US online web shop.


  1. Blogging is therapy! LOL. Your makeup stuff are so cute!

  2. korek! i also blog when i'm stressed from work.. good stuff you have there..

    saw your blog through GT, sis, and am now following you :)

    check out my blog and follow if you had a good time :)

  3. blogging is a great way to vent (:, i liking the products you have ! thanks for sharing..

    CMPang x

  4. benefit~! my friend also loves dandelion. second box na niya haha. XD pero abangan ko muna yung benefit sa pinas para ma-test. :) i am considering sugar bomb or coralista. tingin ko my skin might not be fair enough to pull off dandelion. i dunno. maputi kasi yung friend ko na love yung dandelion. ako mas dark. well, kayumanggi haha


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