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BENEFIT TINTS: Swatches and Comparisons

From what I’ve heard, Benefit now has a shop in the Philippines, somewhere in Greenbelt 5. That’s great news for Benefit addicts like me! Yes, Benefit products are pricey (Blushes start at PHP 1500.00) but they are well worth their prices. Of course I am biased, as all Benefit addicts are haha, but this is the only pricey US brand that I am loyal to, and that’s saying a lot, considering that I live in a country teeming with cosmetics at price points that are 1/3 cheaper. ( Yes, Etude, Skinfood, Laneige, Missha, VOV, TFS are only a handful of the hundreds of makeup brands in Korea!)

Benefit was the first to introduce the dual use tints that's now a common item in most cosmetic brands---liquid tints in nail polish-like applicator bottles that can be used for the lips and cheeks. All Benefit tints are supposed to be kiss-proof and waterproof. And I guarantee, that all their tints are long-wearing.

Anyhoo, because I have all three of the Benefit tints, I figure, why not make a post with swatches and my own notes about these tints.

Their original tint, Benetint, is a deep red tint, (“rose shade” as described by Benefit ). Of the three tints, this has the most watery consistency. It literally feels like water on your lips. The shade is a standard, natural red. Of the three tints, I think this will flatter the widest range of skintones because of the neutral red color. It also has the most sheer coverage. Very light pigmentation. This would work if you only want a super light color to your lips. My one complain about Benetint is that it dries very very quickly on one’s lips. The color stays but I’d feel my lips drying out an hour after application. I use a colorless lipbalm (I use Tokyo Milk lip creme) to counteract the dryness.

A few years after, Benefit released their second tint. Posietint is a youthful pink tint. This is my favorite tint among the three. It is a very pretty pink. Though I understand from some reviews that Posietint does not show up on darker skintones, so I guess that’s the downside. But for NC30 (Beige colorings) and up, I think this is a super perfect tint. There is nothing about it that I hate~ the consistency is a bit more thick than Benefit. It lasts long and looks good on the lips and the cheeks. Because it’s a very light pink, it gives the cheek a very natural, blooming glow. (It's ironic that although this is my favorite among the three tints, haha, I only have 4 pieces of mini-Posie tints all from tBenefit kits I bought. Haha! My personal promise to Benefit: Once I finish my two tiny bottles, I'll buy a full size of Posietint)

Their latest tint, the one that’s supposed to be a more perfect fit for Asian skin is ChaCha Tint. It’s an orange colored tint which dries into a peachy hue upon application. This gives the most natural, nude, shade on us Filipinas. And for sometime, I used this almost everyday. It’s a very wearable tint. Perfect for the summer look. Of the three this has the thickest consistency. In my experience, this also has the most pigmented finish of the three. Others like it that way, but when I used it in winter, little clumps of bright colored pigments formed on my lips~ aaargh. So I do not use it much these days. To be honest about it, of the three Benefit tints, this is the one I can do without.

Now, on to the swatches!!


TOP: ChaCha Tint
MIDDLE: Benetint
BOTTOM: PosieTint

Notice how sheer Benetint is compared to the two shades?


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  1. I like the PosieTint. :) I mean just by looking at the swatches. :D


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