Sunday, 22 January 2012

Free Pizza, Baby! My Foray into Mystery Shopping

A couple of months ago, a friend let me in on a little sideline. It’s called mystery shopping. The term itself is self-explanatory. One shops at a designated store, and reports his experience to the company. Simple as that. It turns out that there was a need for a mystery shopper for a pizza chain in my area, and without even thinking, I said yes!

I mean, who doesn’t want to get paid for ordering and eating free pizza?!!

While I cannot delve into the details of the pizza task~ it basically consisted of ordering a pizza for delivery and preparing a report about the experience in terms of customer service -- was the service prompt and polite? Did I receive the pizza in good condition? i.e. still hot and not smooshed in its box?

Fortunately, my first mystery shopping experience went well. The order takers spoke and understood English, so no lost in translation scenario here. Plus, the pizza was really yummy! I haven't tried this pizza before because it's more than twice the normal price of other pizza places in my area. But the pizza was pretty delicious, so good that I’ve ordered two pizzas from them since.

The pay in mystery shopping isn’t spectacular but I’m not really after the pay, haha! It’s the free nosh that excites me. Since one can choose which assignments to accept, it’s a pretty stress-free sideline. I, being a glutton, lover of food, WILL. WORK. FOR. YUMMY. FOOD.

Do you want to try mystery shopping too? :-)

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  1. hi!!! mystery shopping seems like an interesting job... how can one be a mystery shopper? i would love to try it out... i am also from davao as well..

    just followed you through GFC. i hope you can also check out my blog. i just started blogging..


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