Sunday, 3 June 2012

Love & Toast is Endearing

Once upon a time, I was obsessed with Margot Elena’s Tokyo Milk line of perfumes. I guess it helped that it was not readily available in Asia. And not having an easy means to get it fueled my obsession. To make the story short, I did get hold of a few bottles of precious Tokyo Milk items, sadly it was not love at first sniff. Tokyo Milk perfumes, at least the few that I tried had musky bases which I hated.

However, something good did come out from my foray into Tokyo Milk. Because though the Tokyo Milk line didn't wow me, the little sample bottles of Love & Toast perfumes I bought with the TMs were my happy discoveries. You would not think that these two brands are from the same creator.(Margot Elena has another fragrance and body product line, Lollia, which is the more popular of her three lines).

Of all the Love and Toast perfumes I’ve tried (I tried three: Pink Grapefruit, Honey Coconut, Gin Blossoms), Honey Coconut is my favorite.

What's to Love:

Honey Coconut is unrepentantly sweet. Think honey and vanilla with a very subtle tropical zing . I can’t really pinpoint any coconut scent, but it does gives one that tropical summer vibe. Unlike most sweet fragrances (especially Bath and Bodyworks scents), this does not give me a headache. It is sweet, but not sickly sweet. There’s a restraint in the sugary composition which gives it a balanced profile.

The lasting power is amazing. I use this as my daily perfume especially now that it is summer in Seoul. Three spritzes last me the whole day. It seems an oxymoron but thought the scent last long, it stays light all throughout and does not turn musky or sour at all. It is sweet all throughout.

It is not cheap but it is definitely value for money. The 100 ml costs about $32 dollars ( I buy my Love & Toast perfumes at the Lotte Dutyfree shop in Korea when I have trips abroad), And because you only need a few sprays each time, I think that even if I use this everyday it will last me at least four to five months. Totally worth the price!

Love & Toast’s Honey Coconut Profile in Fragrantica:

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