Monday, 19 November 2012

TEMPLATE FOR THE R-L (Resignation Letter)

Nearly a month ago, I submitted my resignation letter to my boss in K. As all resignations go, there was a bit of apprehension on my part. Will they be mad? Will there be awful words hurled at me, considering we were in the middle of a project? Fortunately, none of that happened. After I submitted my letter to my boss, we had a talk. He asked me about my work issues, and asked details on the new position and workplace I am going to. It was very light and friendly.

And even when I had my (most-dreaded) exit interview with the Department Manager, I was surprised that he was not in his usual dour mood. He also said that while he wishes that I stayed he understood exactly why I was choosing the new job over my present one. Of course, he said that if and when I get tired of working in faraway EU, I can always come back. I smiled but in my head, I was shouting, Hell, No!

I honestly think it helped that I explained all my reasons in my resignation letter. I tried to make it as concise and as honest as possible. I thought,if all the issues about my resignation were already in my letter, what is there left to question?

So anyway, just in case you are thinking of resigning haha! Here's the resignation letter I made and submitted to my boss a couple of weeks ago. Feel free to copy and edit it for your personal use :-)

P.S. Before the letter. I have a note on honesty:

Though you have to be honest in your letter of resignation, you do not have to disclose all the bad work issues you have in the company! As much as possible, try to compose your RL with positivity --- that is, dwell on the better opportunities you are embarking on, the nurturing you will give to your kids if you're quitting to stay at home. Please do not write anything that you would not like to be recorded in an official document. In my present company, the RL is signed by the boss and filed. You do not want an R-L with lines such as " I'm leaving because X is such an overbearing boss." Say it in a civil way, like, I'm leaving because I feel that the work dynamics between me and my superior cannot work. We just have totally different personalities, and I would like to explore other work offers to find the perfect job fit for me.

Sure it's a resignation letter, but you want to leave the company with no bloodbath and zero enmity. What I would do is to discuss the negative issues verbally in the exit interview (with your boss or your Manager) but I will leave them out of the R-L.

Remember, the world is small, and news around professional circles travel fast. Try not to burn bridges.


Dear Sir,

Good Day! First, I'd like to thank you for my almost XXX years of good working experience in XXX. Thank you for the work opportunities given to me and the nice working environment.

However, new circumstances have arisen and in view of these developments, I have decided to resign from XXX. A new opportunity for me to work and live in XXX has come, and because it has always been my hope to
have the chance to travel back to XXX and live there, I have accepted the offer. It was not an easy decision. Having lived in XXX for quite sometime, I will miss the conveniences, especially the safe environment and the honest dealings of the people here, but as all of us know, life is indeed short, and I know that the opportunity given to me now is a very
lucky break which I must take to expand my horizon.

Thus, I am hereby sending my 30 day notice of resignation from XXX. I hope you do not take this against me, I am very grateful for the nearly XXX years of working in XXX, and I do hope that I have contributed, even if in a very small way, to your company. Though it is now time for me to move on and take up a good opportunity for my continuous development both in my professional career and personal goals, I will always remember my work experience in XX with good memories.

I am sorry if my resignation might cause any inconvenience, but I need to take the best opportunities as they are made available to me. I know that if you were in my position, all things--compensation, career opportunities
being equal, you will also choose the one that will give you greater joy and room for growth. I hope you will find understanding in my honest disclosure of the reason for my resignation.

Thus, in fulfillment of my contract obligations, I am hereby giving my 30 day notice which shall begin tomorrow, XXX for my resignation to be made effective on XXXX. I shall endeavor to finish all my remaining deliverables until my last day in XX, XXX XX, 20XX.

Thank you and it is with gratitude and pride that I shall look back at my experience with XX. I wish nothing but the best for XX.

Maybe in another venue, in the future, we shall meet again.

My sincerest gratitude,



  1. Hahah! Wow that's a standout resume right there. If I were the boss, I would pretty much leave it as it is no questions asked. Very succinct and honest-but-not-too honest kind of letter.

    I did write a resignation letter at my first job (loved my time there but the pay was killing me! starvation lol!) and it had a certain phrase there I wrote "irrevocably resigning from my post" and my boss was kinda sad that someone who knew that term was leaving ---kinda funny that time!

  2. Thanks Aicha! Ganun talaga eh no? Bosses really see your worth pag paalis ka na hahaha!

  3. The RL's I've written in the past were very short and cold because I usually talk to my boss/es beforehand. :P

    For sure kasi babasahin ng HR, haha. Ayaw kong makita nila ang details :D


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