Sunday, 7 April 2013

Cheat Day Chocolate: Perlege Belgian Dark Cocoa Nibs Bar (No Sugar Added)

Confession: I am trying to lose the weight I've gained (about 5 kilos) from my undisciplined eating since I came to Spain. Spanish cuisine is good and familiar to my Filipino taste buds. Add the fact that European goodies -- chocolates and snacks from all over Europe, pate, artisanal potato chips and other food discoveries are now so readily available. Too much eating and the cold weather inevitably killed my diet.

I have cut off sweets and snacks for the past two weeks, but I keep one day a week as my cheat day. Today at the grocery I espied on a perfect indulgence for my cheat day treat:

Perlege Belgian No Added Sugar Dark Cocoa Nibs Chocolate Bar 85 grams
(Made in Belgium, 1.7€ for the 85 g. bar)

I read something about Perlege before, being a chocolate company dedicated to making confections for diabetics. I finally stumbled upon the brand. A chocolate that was supposedly scrumptious yet relatively low carb, who can resist?

The Perlege Bar is a beautiful taste story.

It is aromatic, totally full of that dark, cocoa flavor yet it still creamy and with a texture bereft of the waxy mouthfeel in some dark chocolates. This waxy and brittle texture is what I don't like about Lindt's 80% and 90% Dark Intense Chocolates.

Perlege Cocoa Nibs is a gem. Not really sweet, yet not bitter either. And the unexpected crunch from the cocoa nibs embedded in the bar is a wonderful contrast to the smooth flavor. Delicious! Totally worth the relatively expensive price and the cheat day calories.

Calorie Count for Perlege Dark Cocoa Nibs Chocolate Bar (No Sugar Added)

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