Saturday, 25 May 2013

Hello Again, Toledo!

So I went back to Toledo, the beautiful city in Castille-La Mancha that was once the capital of Spain. A friend was visiting Spain for the weekend and we picked Toledo for that requisite day trip out of Madrid.

Toledo is still as amazing as ever! I don't think I will get tired of visiting this city.

Toledo (Image taken by BFF MT)

The walled city (Image taken by BFF MT)

A not-to-be-missed place in Toledo, the famous Confiteria Santo Tome's baked goodies and Mazapans (Image taken by BFF MT)

The pretty garden at the El Greco Museum

A good lunch at La Perdiz
La Perdiz is a wonderful Michelin-recommended restaurant located in the Jewish Quarter of Toledo. La Perdiz was the cherry to our already fabulous day! At La Perdiz, we had a wonderful two course lunch with an awesome dessert plate for less than 15€ each.

The restaurant at 2:00 PM is nearly empty, but thirty minutes later, the restaurant was full. Weird? It actually makes sense considering the average time for lunch in Spain is 2:30 PM :-)

Bread rolls that are crusty on the outside but fluffy inside.

Pasta Salad

Pumpkin Soup (my friend's order)

Hake with Tomato Ragout

Chocolate Cake + olive oil with mint ice cream + jellied raspberry. Best dessert plate I've tried since I came to Spain!

If you find yourself in Madrid, please, please allot a day to go to Toledo. I promise you will be smitten with the city!

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