Sunday, 5 May 2013

Summer in Mallorca 03: Visiting Valldemossa in the Valley

Valldemossa is a mere 30 minute bus ride from Palma de Mallorca's city center but the brief ride is spectacular. The bus goes up on the mountains, zigzagging through a few steep curves, and then settles into a town between mountains called Valldemossa.

To say that Valldemossa is pretty is an understatement. It is a small, old fashioned town with cobbled stone paths and houses strewn with flowers. Valldemossa's claim to fame is that it was once home to the composer Chopin, the writer Jorge Luis Borges and Santa Catalina Thomas.

The famous Monastery in Valldemossa

Valldemossa's landscaped garden, an artist and his paintings

The town center

An old wishing well

Pretty houses in Valldemossa

The road down to Palma

Edible souvenirs from Valldemossa

Handmade Artisanal Sweets (Nougats, Chocolate Balls, Curried Almonds) from Valdemossa's Confiseria

How to go to Valldemossa from Palma de Mallorca:
Go to the Central Bus Station near Plaza Espana in Palma's City Center.
Take the Bus going to Soller (Bus No. L210. It will stop at Valldemossa)
It's a very short but scenic ride!

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  1. super nice town <3 parang isang lugar sa story nang romeo at juliet XD


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