Sunday, 30 June 2013

Factory Summer Shopping High! My First Summer Haul from The Factory Outlet

It is scorching hot where I am at the moment. That's 35 degrees of full on sunshine until 9 PM in the evening. Summer, the hot and sweaty, I-wish-it-would-rain kind is finally here.

While summer is not my favorite time of the year and I now long for the cold and rainy days of June in my homeland, there is one thing I am looking forward to, it's the annual Summer Sale in Europe where most shops offer discounts from July to early August.

Today, after a tip from a friend that the Factory Outlet on the outskirts of Madrid is now having its Rebajas(Spanish for Sale), we decided to drop by and check out the sale.

We went straight from our Badminton game, because, as you know, if the shopping spirit is willing, kebs kung naka trainers, sweatpants, big bags and racket cases pa! Or, sige na, as per cliches, if there's a will, there's a way!

I wanted to buy summer clothes (sleeveless shirts) and some capri pants, then I set a super maximum limit of 100€ for my purchases.

Well, here's what I got after our fast, two hour spree at the Factory!

Goodies from Mango, Benetton, Springfield and Pretty Ballerinas

MANGO Outlet: All items on Sale

Pink Sleeveless Shirt (Original Price: 22.99 €) Sale Price: 7.99€
Mango Offwhite Cotton Shirt (Original Price: 15.99€) Sale Price: 6.99€

BENETTON Outlet: Selected items on sale

Marine Green Spaghetti Top (Original Price: 19.95€) Sale Price: 5.00€
Benetton Green Tank Top (Original Price: 11.95€) Sale Price: 5.00€

FIFTY FACTORY(Springfield, Cortefiel): all items for women are on Sale

Springfield Floral Jumper (Original Price: 39.95€) Sale Price: 11.99€

MASCARO Outlet(Pretty Ballerinas): Further discounts on Pretty Ballerinas shoes

Pretty Ballerinas Lilac Bailarinas (Original Price: 109€) Sale Price: 45€
***If you know Repetto shoes from France, then Pretty Ballerinas is Spain's version of the French ballet dancer shoes with similar price range. I have loved my one pair of Repettos, they are amazing value for money, and I have long wanted to try pair of pretty ballerinas so I can compare. But the cheapskate in me could not be forced to spend 100€ for a pair of shoes. So I bid my time, waited for months for the summer sale. So yes, 45€ for a pair of shoes is still relatively expensive, but now my lust for pretty ballerina shoes is finally satiated!

Now, the important question for the bargain hunter in me: How much did I "save"?

If I have bought all the goodies above at their regular prices, I would have spent 219.83€. How much did I spend all in all? Just 81.97€ (about 4,920 Phil Pesos) which means I "saved" 137.86€! Converted to pesos, that's about 8k in savings!

Less than 100€ for 4 blouses, a jumpsuit and a relatively expensive pair of shoes, all from well-known highstreet brands. Not bad, no?

P.S. I saw Benetton Bags on sale for 25€ each, plus I really liked the Benetton Tank Tops! At 5€ per piece, with the tops made in Tunisia (not China!), these are a real bargain! I plan to go back and get stocks of the tank tops for The Little Cool Shop this Thursday. For those interested in the Benetton tops, do watch out for an announcement at TLCShop's FB account when we'll accept pabilis for these.

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