Wednesday, 19 June 2013

OVOMALTINE or How BFFs Can Be The Bane of A Dieter's Existence

This is how I lost my self control and opened my precious Ovomaltine Crunchy Spread jar today. Nevermind that I'm trying to get back on track with my eating habits after pigging out like crazy last weekend in Lyon, France. I suppose we should place a warning here: If you're on a diet, skip this blog post.

So as I was walking home from work tonight, I got a barrage of FB messages from BFF Liz who lives in Holland:
Liz: Te! Ansarap ng Ovomaltine!
J(me): Bakit? Bumili ka?!
Liz: Oo bumili ako! Punyeta ang sarap!
J (me): As in masarap?!!
L: Oo! May Ovaltine granules
J: Cookie Butter or Ovomaltine?
L: Ovomaltine! Mas gusto ko sya kesa Speculoos. Ovomaltine. No contest. Para sa akin ha.
L: hahahhaha!
J: Nutella or Ovomaltine?
L: Ovomaltine hahahha! Sorry! Ewan ko ha. Pero hindi pa ako nagkaroon ng desire na upuan ang Nutella like I do now with Ovomaltine
J: Ganun?! Pucha ka! Dadaan ako ng grocery bibili ako ng tinapay now na!
L: Hahahhaa! walang tinapay sa akin pinapapak ko lang
J: Makasalanan yang ginagawa mo!!!

So I rushed to the grocery (which is along the way to my flat) grabbed a pack of 8-cereals-crustless-wheat bread (Kunwari healthy pa talaga?!)and had Ovomaltine sandwiches for dinner!

How big is an Ovomaltine Jar? Well, here's a side by side picture of the Ovomaltine Jar and the Lotus Speculoos Cookie Butter Jar. They're roughly the same size, same volume.

Size comparison of Lotus Speculoos Jar and Ovomaltine. Basically same size lang sila.

My first spoonful of Ovomaltine.

Unlike L though, I used bread to cut my guilt kunwari! Okay, in the end I ate two sandwiches slathered generously with Ovomaltine. So hmmm, siguro dapat kinain ko na lang yung one tablespoonful straight up ?

So the question now is, what's so special about Ovomaltine Crunchy Spread? Was I correct to suspect that this is waay better than Cookie Butter? Here's the thing, the crunchy granules in Ovomaltine is aerated. So.damn.delicious. They're like rice crispies, except they're not made of rice, but puffed up Ovaltine particulates.

My initial reaction to Liz was, Ohmygawd! Para syang Nestle Crunch in spreadable form!

I think that if like me, you love Nestle Crunch, then there is no way you will not be smitten by this chocolate spread. A plus point is, it's not even that sweet. Hindi nakakasuya. Hmmm, kaya siguro naka-two sandwiches of Ovomaltine ako (Excuses, Excuses!).

My first and perfect Ovomaltine experience in photos:

Ovomaltine + soft bread + a glass of milk

This is inspiring me to plan my next Ovomaltine indulgence! How about these?

Ovo-Banana-Sandwich: Ovomaltine + Sliced ripe bananas sandwiched in good crustless bread!
Ovo-Yogurt: Plain Greek Yoghurt chilled until cold (or maybe I'll freeze it no?) and a generous topping of Ovomaltine!
Frozen Ovo+Cookie Sandwich: 2 Cookies with a thick smear of Ovomaltine in between. Freeze until ready to eat!
Ovo-topped Speculoos flavored cupcakes

Okay, okay, so I think I am getting carried away! This spread can be potentially addicting if I don't watch it.

How about you? Do you want some Ovomaltine? :-)


  1. Ok, currently halfway the effing bottle. Hahaha!

  2. Wag itodo ang kasalanan! :D May bukas pa! :D

  3. shucks! I want! looks really good!-satisfiedgirl

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