Monday, 12 August 2013

Sweets from Monoprix Paris

Monoprix is a grocery/supermarket chain in France. First, let me tell you about my one absolute TO-DO when I travel to a new country:a visit to the local grocery/supermarket.

Forget shopping for shoes and clothes! It is walking through grocery aisles that lifts my mood fast. I don't really buy much when I travel but I enjoy checking out goodies, reading the labels, sniffing through fragrances/soaps/bodywashes and even munching on the free tastes offered at the shops.

I was in Paris last weekend and the first thing we did upon arrival was to drop by a Monoprix store near our hotel for some bottled water and snacks.

I didn't buy much stuff in Paris except my Bioderma stash and a perfume kit because things are really expensive in France compared to Spain and even compared to Belgium and The Netherlands!

My non-food buys: Cottage Body Wash, Bioderma Sebium Cleanser, Vichy Antiperspirant Creme, and Roger & Gallet Perfume Set

However, I could not resist buying some sweets from Monoprix, especially those that are not available in Madrid.

Here's my Sweets stash from Monoprix!
Nestle Crunch White Chocolate Multipack. This brings back memories of the good old Nestle Alpine White Milk Chocolate!

Nestle Speculoos White Chocolate Bar. It's like the Nestle Crunch White Choc above except the crunch is provided by the Speculoos bits in the chocolate bar!

Organic Soybeans Coated in Dark Chocolate. I bought this out of curiosity. Seems weird to me, but I'll let you know soon in a separate review.

Our hands down favorite sweet from Monoprix: Chocolate Covered Mallows in Bear shapes! Liz bought a pack of this chocolate delight on our first visit to Monoprix. It's sweet and rich but not overly so. There's a bold vanilla flavor that cuts through the sweetness.

These chocobears are seriously good, addicting stuff. See how many bags we bought to bring home to Madrid and The Netherlands? :-)

Monoprix stores are all over France. Their bigger branches even sell clothes and non-grocery goodies. Monoprix also carry some of those chi-chi french confectionery brands such as Maxims, Galler and Neuhaus,so there's a good mix of reasonable priced and gourmet chi-chi goodies.


  1. uy sis pareho tayo...mas gusto ko din yung grocery aisles kesa sa shoes at clothes..:-)

  2. Miss Grace! Parehas pala tayo! Narerelax ako when I go to groceries :-) Going to groceries is the best form of shopping therapy for me :-)


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