Saturday, 7 September 2013

Milka Tender in Milk: Chocolate Rolls Like No Other!

Milka, the delicious Alpine Milk Chocolate brand, has never let me down. So the other day, on the lookout for new goodies to introduce to the shop, I picked up some packs of Milka Tender Rolls.

What are Milka Tender Rolls? These are small cake rolls covered by Milka's delicious Alpine Milk Chocolate. They come in at least three flavors: Hazelnut, Black Forest, and Milk. I have seen all three in the grocery aisles here but I only bought the Milk variant to try out.

Up Close and Personal

The Innards of Milka Tender

The Milk variant is filled with a white cream. The chocolate covering the cake roll is thick enough and tastes just like the Milka milk chocolate we all love.

How sweet is it? Surprisingly not too sweet and the cake itself was very light. There's an undertone of citron and vanilla here. You can't really detect the distinct flavors of the roll's layers. That is, you bite into the roll and you can't separate the vanilla cake part with the cream filling and the chocolate cover, but they sure come together spectacularly.

A single serving of Milka Tender is just enough to satisfy one's chocolate hankering. A roll has about 156 kilocalories. Lower than the regular chocolate bar ( A Snickers bar has 250 kcal). A pack of Milka Tender contains 3 individually packed Tender rolls.

Because I found it really delicious and good value ( A pack costs about 1,5€), I will surely include packs of Milka Tender in the next box of goodies for TLCShop. Abangan!

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