Thursday, 31 October 2013

Snack Attack: Papa Daniel Purple Chips

Hmmm. Purple Chips? Like, naturally purple chips?!

Well, apparently, they exist! Behold  my recent snack discovery:

Purple Potato Chips. All natural. Gluten-free. Preservative-free. No artificial colors.

The chips in their natural purple glory.

These purple potato chips are kettle-cooked like most traditional Spanish made potato chips. That is to say, they are fried the traditional way in small batches. No flours, no added extenders. Just purple potatoes and salt.  

Yes, there are no added flavoring to the chips except salt. Which makes the chip's flavor shine all the more. There's a clean taste to the chips. And because they're incredibly thin cut, and I mean so thin that they are almost translucent, the crunch factor is just about perfect. 

One potato, yum potato!

Do you want to try Papa Daniel Purple Chips? Watch out for tlcshop's December stocks of these uniquely delicious potato chips!

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