Sunday, 17 November 2013

Comfort Food for Bleak Days

Most days, the forecast is the same: Icy cold with a chance of showers. The mornings have turned dark, cold and somewhat depressing.  And the evenings are just as cold and indifferent.

The view from my window on a drizzling day. The empty park and the sad blue sky.

I spend the weekend indoors, trying to be warm and reading through news and updates about the catastrophic storm in my homeland. Like most Filipinos, it is a mix of sadness, hope, frustration, gratitude and that desire, determination to do more, to be more involved in the process of rebuilding that fills me as I hungrily read and watch the news about the Philippines.

These are bleak  days calling for simple comfort food.  I can't stand to stay long in the cold kitchen and I yearn for something familiar and easy to make so tonight I made breakfast fare for dinner. Because is there anything more simple and nourishing than these?

A mug of Cola Cao

Cola Cao is Spain's homegrown brand of malted chocolate powder drink similar to Nesquick, Milo and Ovaltine. I prefer Cola Cao because it has a zero sugar and fiber rich version.

Cola Cao Zero Sugar and Fiber Rich variant

My plate of happy food: omelet and bacon chunks

This is so simple to make. I place bacon chunks on a pan, cook it until it turns brown. I remove the cooked bacon, sautée thinly sliced white sweet onions in the bacon fat until caramelized, and pour in two scrambled eggs to make my childhood favorite- onion omelet. 

A splodge of catsup cuts through the savory richness of the bacon and eggs.

This is not a diet- friendly meal. But sometimes all we want is something familiar, something simple yet delicious to      anchor our days.  It's almost like having this absolute  faith that the sun will surely shine again after this storm.

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