Saturday, 14 December 2013

Roaming Around Morocco #2: The Roman Ruins of Volubilis

       Morocco is a vast North African country. With only six days, A friend and I set out to visit Fes, Meknes, Casablanca and Tangiers.  Thankfully, Morocco has a great and inexpensive train system, so travelling from one city to another is very convenient.  Tip for travellers: If you want  silence and some snooze time, get the first class cabins for your train trips. The price difference isn't that big ( only about 30% more expensive) and considering how inexpensive the train fares are, you'd do well to pay for more comfort and privacy.                                                    

The first class cabin of the train we took from Fes to Casablanca

Volubilis is a UNESCO Heritage site near the town of Meknes famous for its  ancient Roman ruins. 
There is no train connection to Volubilis. To go to Volubilis, one must take a train to Meknes, and from Meknes, hire a grand taxi to take you to Volubilis. We hired a taxi for 30 Euros. For that amount, the driver drove us to the countryside and onto Volubilis, waited for us for two hours as we went exploring the Roman ruins, and then drove us back to Meknes.  An excursion to Volubilis isn't cheap but I think it was well worth it.

The ancient Roman city of Volubilis from afar. Founded in 3rd century BC by the Romans, Volubilis was an important and wealthy city of the Roman Empire. It is a living testament to the fact that Morocco, or at least parts of it, were part of the vast Roman empire before falling under Islamist rule.

 One is free to roam around the ancient city for a minimal entrance fee of  about 0.50 Euros. And the complex is really huge. One can easily spend hours taking pictures and moving through the grand columns and arches.

Here are some of my attempts to capture the beauty of Volubilis:





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