Tuesday, 28 January 2014

When in Spain: Eat Cheaply at Cerveceria 100 Montaditos

Can one eat a good meal in Spain with only 5€?

Yes, you can! Just drop by at one of the branches of  Cerveceria 100 Montaditos!

Tap Beer (or tinto or sangria)  and a few orders of montaditos (mini sandwiches on french baguettes or chapati bread) will only cost you a few €s. Not to mention, the authentic vibe of old school wooden decos and the melodic din of spanish conversations rustling as you fill up on sustenance.

This Spanish chain's concept is simple: 100 types of mini sandwiches are on offer from 1€ to 2€.  One can have sandwiches with fillings ranging from tortilla patatas, jamon iberico, to turkey, pork loin,  fried calamari (a Madrid specialty), roasted veggies, or the simple ham and cheese. There are 100 variants to choose from! In addition, there are also to large platters of fries (accompanied with four types of dips), nachos and salads in servings that are meant for sharing, and these will only set you back only 2 to 3€.

Check out their variety of sandwiches: http://spain.100montaditos.com/nuestra-carta/montaditos

Of course, what's a Cerveceria without beer on tap? Or wine, sangria or tinto de verano for that matter? Beer costs only 1€ per mug.  There are also juices and bottled water available in the same price range.

So how does one order?  You peruse their picture menu, order and pay at the till, state your name, and wait for your name to be called at the kitchen window.

Order. Pay. Grab your beer. Wait for your name to be called.

The kitchen window. Wait for the cook to yell out your name. Pick up your food.

Enjoy! Hotdog sandwich with chips (2€), Chicken Caesar Salad (3€), Fries with 4 dips(2€)

Yes, we ordered too much but these was dinner for two people. Next time, I think a salad to share and a sandwich or two would be enough.  

The to share platters of salads and side dishes are huge and cheap!

Truth to be told, in my more than a year of living here, I've only gone to McDonald's once. But it makes sense, no? Why would one spend 6€ for a burger, salty fries and soda  when you can have a montadito, or two, for less? :)

Store Location: The branches I know of are in Plaza Castilla and Las Tablas in Madrid, but these are all over Spain, you're bound to see a branch while you travel your way through. Also, you can search for the nearest 100 Montaditos using the Maps function of your smart phone.

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