Sunday, 2 March 2014

Food Fave: Robertson´s Lemon Curd

Today, while buying chocolates and cookies, I espied a few jars of Robertson´s  Lemon Curd at  Supercor, a grocery that´s about twenty minutes away from my flat.  I went jogging earlier and passed by the grocery to buy some additional chocolates, and  that´s when I saw them .  Of course,  I bought a jar .   Not for the shop, nor for the fambam, but for one selfish lemon curd lover I know and love, moi, haha!

                     Sunshiney Spread!

Opening my jar of sunshine,  I  sigh happily at the pale yellow spread.  I spoon some and excitedly suck it in, the smooth texture and  that air of tangy sweetness, delicious!  It brought  me back to mornings during my vacation in the Philippines a few months ago.  Waking up to a breakfast table of hot pan de sal, bright red TJ hotdogs, eggs  and an array of sweet spreads— the requisite sugarfree fruit jam for my mother, a jar of Nocilla, and  our lone jar of Robertson´s Lemon Curd.   Surprisingly, it was the lemon curd that won us over.  Sweet yet tart, it was perfect  for the crusty, bland pan de sal.    Even my cousin, who professes a love for Nocilla’s hazelnut and chocolate sweetness, enjoyed it.  Thus, among all the jars of jams and spreads I brought home with me to Pinas, it was the lemon curd that was finished off first. 

                                My simple comforts: Soft buns with a thick layer of lemon curd

I like that there´s a tang to this spread  that goes beyond sour and sweet.  And the texture, smooth and pudding-like,  is way different from those of jams and marmalades, perhaps because the curd is made using butter in a  process that is not too different from that of making custards.  

Strange to think how our small, interconnected world goes now.  A lemon curd made in the UK, which I bought in Spain, brought home and first tasted in the Philippines is now my standby breakfast spread.  How it has turned into a memento from home, a metaphor for  those morning rituals with the family.   Strange too how we associate the people we love with the food we eat.   Thus to me, my breakfast (and at times, dinner) of crusty rolls spread with a thick layer of lemon curd  brings comfort both for its deliciousness and for the memories it has come to represent. 

Robertson´s Lemon Curd
Made in the UK
2.50€ for a  320 gram jar
Order through TLC Shop Philippines

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