Sunday, 1 June 2014

Weekend Sweets: Knoppers Hazelnut Wafers from Germany

I love Saturdays!  A day free from work, from waking up at five, and a day free from my normal diet restrictions. Saturday is truly my cheat day!

The past two Saturdays, I´ve been  snacking on a delicious chocolate covered hazelnut wafer  from Germany called Knoppers.

A Pack of Knoppers.  There are 5 individually wrapped wafers to a pack but I have already eaten one :D  It sells for 1.50€  per pack in Madrid.

Let´s deconstruct a Knoppers Wafer Sandwich:

Crunchy + Crisp + Chocolatey!

The wafer´s layers:  vanilla wafer, a thick hazelnut creme, another wafer layer,  vanilla creme, a thick chocolate layer, chocolate wafer, and a chocolate covering

The other side of the wafer is chocolate covered!

I can eat a pack of Knoppers  in  a span of a few hours!  But I keep it at  a pack of five per weekend.  It is really addicting!  Chocolate? Check.  Vanilla? Check!  Thick Hazelnut Creme? Check! Crispy? Check.  What came to mind the first  time I ate a Knoppers sandwich is that it was like Ferrero Rocher in wafer form.   And that´s weird because I have never liked Ferrero Rocher,  but  I love Knoppers!   Maybe because unlike the Ferrero balls,  Knoppers is not that sweet.

So do I love Knoppers?  Yes!   It is the perfect, chocolatey, hazelnutty, crispy sweet indulgence  that  adds sweetness to my lazy saturdays. 

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