Saturday, 7 June 2014

Weekend Sweets: Milka Chocolate + Chips Ahoy = One Awesome Chocolate Moment!

In my youth,  Chips Ahoy was a special occasion cookie which we only had during the Christmas holidays.  Back then, Chips Ahoy cookies were only made in the US. These cookies were not that easy to find  in the late 80s  and were pretty expensive.  I remember that it was available at Rustan´s Supermarket in good old Harrison Plaza   and at the PX Shops in Cash and Carry Makati.  For me and my brother,  opening a family sized  bag of  Chips Ahoy in its original blue paper packaging was always a sublime experience.    It was Chips Ahoy that introduced us to the ecstatic experience of eating chocolate chip cookies.  I discovered a myriad ways of eating Chips Ahoy:  eating them in big hungry bites,  dunk  them in milk or Milo or Coke  (Chips Ahoy dunked in Coke is the best for me!), making little nibbles around the cookie parts,  saving  the chocolate chips for last.   And though I have eaten so many chocolate chip cookies since then, a blue bag of  original Chips Ahoy will always be a sentimental favorite, a throwback to  the joys of  my childhood.

I discovered Milka  while I was already living in Europe.  Milka was founded in Switzerland by  the chocolatier P. Suchard,  but unlike other Swiss chocolates that cater to more refined tastes (think Godiva, Neuhaus or even Tobler),  Milka specifically makes chocolates for the child in us .  The brand is a comfort chocolate brand, similar to the Mars, Hershey´s and Nestle chocolate brands.  Which makes sense because  the Milka Alpine Milk Chocolate is  the kind that kids love -a chocolate that´s sweet  ultra-creamy and smooth.

Now Milka already has a Milka+ Oreo Chocolate Bar which is delicious.  So I was not entirely surprised when I saw this new Milka  Chocolate Bar creation  at the grocery a few weeks ago.

                                                     Milka Chips Ahoy Chocolate Bar

ChipsAhoy in a bar? Of course I had to try it!  How can one go wrong with Chips Ahoy?  Make no mistake,  this chocolate is sweet.  If you are the kind who professes a love for dark, bittersweet chocolates with floral notes, or any of those gourmet, not too sweet stuff, this chocolate bar might just be too pedestrian for you.   But if you are like me,  who loved Chips Ahoy as a child, and who, once in a while,   craves for a chocolate bar that´s sweet and comforting, one that´s close the kind of chocolate bar that I enjoyed as a child ( Think Hershey´s Bar, Cookies n´Creme)  then I think you will love this Milka Bar too.

                                               The Milka Chips Ahoy Chocolate Bar   

 Milka´s creamy Alpine Chocolate Bar is filled with a vanilla cream center and nuggets of Chips Ahoy cookies.  If you want your chocolate sweet, you will like this chocolate bar.
                                  Chunks of Chips Ahoy in a square of  Milka chocolate

Price:  1.10€ per 100 gram bar

Where to Buy: Milka Chocolates are available only in Europe.  For Philippines-based clients,  TLCShop will have stocks of Milka Chips Ahoy and other Milka chocolate variants by July 2014.  For  Milka chocolates inquiries for either retail or bulk orders  please contact Brad of TLCShop directly:

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