Friday, 13 June 2014

Weekend Sweets: Pikotas is My Favorite Candy from Spain

Ah Pikotas, How Shall I Describe Thee?

                                        Outside, a crystal ball of ruby sweetness,
                                        A heart of soft, cherry deliciousness.

Proof that Pikotas is truly awesome?  Once in a while someone at work brings a bag of Pikotas,  and  it´s always a blockbuster, the candies are gone in minutes!  Because really, what´s not to love with Pikotas?  It has a unique cherry flavor and the texture combination of this sugar ball is awesome!

       A pack of Pikotas

                                Pretty in Cherry Pink

                                Ruby Red, Sugar Coated Crystal Ball

                                But the sugar crust is just that,  a foil to jelly-cious surprise

This balls are covered by a layer of pink crystal sugar with  a soft jelly center that´s supposed to be  cherry  flavored.  I do taste more of a honey flavor with just a very subtle cherry tang.

The pink  candies are really addicting!  This is one of those unique sweets that are almost universally loved by anyone who has tried them perhaps because of  flavor profile that´s both sweet and tart, and the surprising play of textures:  a crunchy candy cover of sugar crystals hiding a soft jelly core.  It is oh so easy to finish a pack of Pikotas in one day!

Product Information:
Pikotas is made in Spain by Dulciora


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  2. I love this candies! I just received them from a fellow co-worker.


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