Saturday, 26 July 2014

Caudalie´s Fleur de Vigne Reminds Me of the Light and Shimmer of Country Summer Days

   A perfect summer day out in a vineyard  (Photo from

A light breeze, the sun´s rays prickling your skin just enough to feel warm, alive and happy.  I imagine myself in a cotton maxi dress, with a book or a friend, idling around, enjoying the greeneries,  the scent of leaves,  of harvest, of fruit and life.  Ah, my perfect summer day.  Out in the countryside, or perhaps, closer to home, back in my mother´s house in Ilocos, under the ancient Mango tree, perched on the bamboo slat bed of my childhood summers, with a book or a cousin or two, enjoying the hours of a beautiful day.

But alas,  I am in the middle of the city, beautiful as it is.   Still, I tell myself,  soon, soon I will have my fill of perfect summer days.

And so perhaps, it is partly because of  my  longing for these kinds of summer days that I am smitten with Caudalie´s Fleur de Vigne  Eau Fresh.

It is described as a delicate scent of grapefruit, pink pepper, white rose, mandarin cedar, and the precious grape blossom known as flour de vigne, precious because flour de vigne only blossoms once a year.

At first whiff it is the musky character of  pink pepper and white rose that dominate, but in a minute  the delicious grape and citrus scent so reminiscent of summer follows through.  It is this light, yet complex and earthy fragrance that I love about Fleur de Vigne.

The sillage is low and the lasting power of this scent is three hours maximum.  And to my mind, it is not the kind of fragrance you´d wear to captivate,  for that, one is better off with Parfum Divin .  But for  a scent to transport me to daydreams of vineyards and summer days,  to carefree hours in the sun, there is nothing more apt, more complementary than a whiff of  this fresh fragrance.

A 50 ml bottle for Caudalie´s Fleur de Vigne is about 25.50€  at Caudalie Europe but  there´s a current limited edition gift set for Fleur de Vigne that includes a 100 ml Shower Gel for free so I got it instead.

Of course a scent cannot take the place of sun and summery breezes but until I get the chance to go home or visit a vineyard,  I shall fill my senses with the promise of summer joys with a spritz or two of this fragrance.

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