Sunday, 29 March 2015

A Sweet Hello to Gu´s Delicious Treats

Hello! How are you? Sorry I´ve been quiet for some time.  I just moved countries and although The Netherlands is only an hour and a half away from Madrid, my base for the past two years,  there were still a lot of things to get used to.  The weather, for one thing.  It´s always cold and drizzling in Holland.  But the past few weeks there have been pockets of sunshine.  People are all looking forward to spring and the tulips in full bloom!  and the sun! How I miss the  hot scorching rays of the sun!  I never imagined I would say this, but there are days when I miss Madrid so much.  I miss the  mild weather and the good, inexpensive food  that can be had at the restaurants all over Madrid.  Here in Holland, the groceries are not really expensive but eating out is.  I miss Madrid´s 10€ two course meals with dessert and wine! Ah but that´s life.  One has to make do with what is on her plate at the moment.

One good thing about Holland is the plethora of grocery goodies from Belgium, France, Germany and the UK.  Take for example my super delicious find this weekend.  It´s a brand called Gu from the UK founded after the owner got inspired by the desserts he tried in Belgium.

The first time I tried this was on a brief trip to Paris. I remember I bought a chocolate pudding and it  was delish but relatively expensive at about 2€ for a small ramekin.  Imagine my happiness then when I saw packs of Gu at my local grocery today and they were on sale!  From 3.5€ for a double serving pack,  they were only 2€ a pack!

Look what I bought:

Each Gu cheesecake is in a beautiful clear glass ramekin.

Mmmmm!  Who would have thought that a speculoos crumb crust goes oh-so perfectly with the tartness of cream cheese.  I´d say, I like this speculoos crust way better than the usual graham cracker crust used for cheesecakes! Using Speculoos cookies instead of graham cracker for the crust is a wonderful way to make your cheesecake a bit different! The speculoos crust lends a cinnamon and nutmeg flavor that´s a perfect foil for the silky, slightly sour flavor of the cheese.

After enjoying this  Gu dessert, I wanted to try making my own speculoos-crusted cheesecake ASAP!  Good thing the grocery shops close at 5 PM on sundays haha! No chance for me to buy the  ingredients I need to satisfy this new food obsession.

So yes, basing from the desserts I´ve tried from Gu, I could say that this seems like an awesome dessert company.  The taste is topnotch and way above the usual sweets one gets from the grocery dessert section.  It is a bit expensive, though not ridiculously so.  Just pricey enough for me not buy these treats every weekend.  Oh I hope they go on sale again next weekend! I want to try more of their goodies like these yum-yums I saw from their site:

 So if you are lucky enough to discover Gu desserts at a supermarket near you, Go! Try it and let me know if you love them as much as I do.

Cheers! May we be filled with grace this coming week. Have a good holy week!


  1. Great to hear from you! Those cheesecakes look absolutely yummy. I like the glass containers too, makes a good catch-all for all those coins and what-have-yous.

  2. OMG they look sooo delicious! And the cups are reusable as well, haha. Here in Korea, they just launched a similar dessert from local brand, so when I saw it for 40% off on the expiry date, I got one, but it was rather disappointing :/ Hope I will find this one when I'm back in Europe, it looks and sounds amazing.

  3. Hi toni! Yes, they´re yummy and really very cost-effective when bought on sale as the ramekins are reusable :-) Hello Vita! Yes, do try when you are back in Eu! When I lived in Korea, I was always disappointed with their puddings and cheesecakes, as they were always too airy and too bland for my taste haha!


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