Sunday, 6 March 2011

Lobe Love

I admit I love earrings, most especially dangling ones The way they frame one’s face, how they can easily change my look - how a flashy pair on my lobes can reinvent a drab black office wear, how a funky pair can give a bit of zaniness to an otherwise typical jeans and shirt ensemble. Like any other piece of fashion, earrings hav the power to transform.

I don’t wear expensive earrings. I prefer cheap yet pretty pieces. It’s always a fun challenge to find a pair that showcases my personality. More importantly, I’m always off in search of bargains. These four pairs of drop earrings are my recent purchases.

While it is true that fashion earring shops are a dime a dozen in Seoul, you’d be surprised to note that the four earrings above are stuffs I purchased in the Philippines when I was on vacation last month. The best part is, none of the earrings above cost me more than a hundred pesos a pair. Cheap right? The cheapest one (the green drop earrings) cost me only 10 pesos ☺

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