Monday, 14 March 2011

My Lovely Bath

Taking my time at the shower at the end of the work day is my surefire way of relaxing, combating stress. There is nothing as soothing as a light lovely scent lingering as you towel off. Or waking up in the morning with a faint fruity scent. I like my bath stuffs to be delicately scented yet I want them to stick to my skin. Where I can still take a whiff of them hours after bathing.

Lush, a famous bath brand, and Soap & Glory, are great brands but they are prohibitively expensive in Seoul. So I do not even attempt to buy them here. Thankfully, there are so many Beauty Brands in Korea, so trying out bath stuffs is pretty fun!

For being pretty affordable, and really, really delicately scented, I stick with Happy Bath. :-)

My happy bath is made up of Happy Bath's All Natural Body Cleanser (Fruits) , Body Milk (Fruits) and the ever-famous Italy Towel.

Happy Bath is Amore Pacific's drugstore brand of bath and body items. They actually have a wide range of variants (Lime, Rose, Lavender, Grains, and some seasonal ones) but I like the Fruits variant the most. It's fruity with a milky undertone. And after a few hours, the milky undertone rises. It smells like really yummy fruit yoghurt :-)

You might wonder what the heck is an Italy Towel?

The Italy Towel Up Close.

It's basically an exfoliating towel with really rough, viscous fibre (See the picture above) Koreans love to use this on both their faces (they use a finer kind) and their bodies. I learned about this from a Korean friend. At first it's a bit disconcerting, because it is rougher than our common face towel or loofah. But I've come to love using an Italy towel. Somehow, It's become therapeutic rubbing the towel off your body to slough off dead skin and dirt!

This is my idea of a lovely bath, what's yours? :-)


  1. Hi! Are Happy Bath products available in your store at Lanang? If so, how much? =)

  2. Hi Rock, Yep we have a few Happy Bath stuffs at the store. Dunno though ano pa yung nasa shop haha. (Am in Seoul, sorry!) But you can call up Brad at our store 234-8667. The ones in Lanang are sets of Body washes (1 Body Wash + Refill). It's around 600~700 per set. Thanks!


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