Wednesday, 16 March 2011

MaMa Lotion, I Hope You Do Me Right!

There is a new all-in-one skin solution that’s been making the buzz in various beauty fora. The original formulation was called MaMa Lotion, but now it is known as M2 Refinish.

M2 (or MaMa) basically stands for Mandelic and Malic Acids, the main ingredients of the lotion. These are AHA acids that are both strong and non-irritating to the skin. The lotion also has Algae Extract to protect skin from dryness.

M2 Refinish is a clinical-grade product ( Read: formulated to be dispensed by dermatologists ) which supposedly does wonders to skin affected by aging, fine lines, wrinkles, hyperpigmentation, acne or acne scarring. For a Lotion with so much hype, it does seem like it might well turn out to be a dud! Except that most of the reviews have been good to great, which gives me hope. (Yeah, Hope is beautiful! :-))

I have problematic skin: dry during winter, normal in spring and oily in summer. Plus I have some marks from old acne. Years ago, I used Obagi Nu-derm and it did give that beautiful glow, except that after a few years of use, I found my skin getting irritated by the harsh AHA+Tret+Hydroquinone combo. Not to mention how expensive the Obagi regimen is.

It does seem as if this M2 Lotion will be the answer to my search for a medical grade, all-in-one potion. I need the anti-acne part, I want any marks to fade fast just like with Obagi plus I need something to combat ageing and wrinkles. Unfortunately M2 is not available in Korea. And I considered asking someone to buy it for me in Pinas but then I found out that if you buy this from a derma in Pinas, the selling price is about 4k a bottle. Too Expensive! Good thing there’s the US-based which offers the exact same product for only $48.00 (plus shipping fees) and they deliver to Korea via FEDEX! All in all, with my discount coupon, I just spent $100 for two big bottles inclusive of the shipping.

I ordered my two bottles of M2 Skin Refinish 20% last Sunday and got the items just now. Now that’s fast service!

My loot from 2 bottles of M2 Refinish 20%, samplers from DHC and SkinMedica plus Apothica's new catalogue.

*Fingers crossed* that this will work on my skin! Will give a full review after a month’s use.

BTW, I have a 20% Coupon from so if any of you would like to get the coupon, just send me a message or comment with your email address so I can forward it to you.




  1. hi joeanne, i also heard of m2 and many swears by its effectiveness. how's it doin with your skin?im planning to try it too coz i heard there's a small bottle being sold here. i want to try it too. please send me the 20% discount coupon.


  2. Hi Kath! The discount code is SKFRIEND you can use it to purchase your M2 at skincarerx . So far so good though there was no peeling and I still have to see dramatic effects to my skin. Will blog about it in detail after a month's use :-)

  3. thanks j, i hope it will suit your skin. do you think it can fade or just lighten freckles lang?

  4. Hi Oompa!! Can you update us as to how the M2 did after a month? I've used Mama Lotion (number 1, discontinued) and I'm just now running out of my last bottle of it and need to purchase the M2. I really hope the strength is the same, because M1 was serious, serious business and cost about $100!


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