Saturday, 28 May 2011


Lucky I dropped by the food section of AK Plaza today! I do not normally buy stuffs here because, well, AK PLAZA being really chi-chi has prices that are steeper than the big Korean supermarts. But I was looking for a particular kind of Campbells Soup (Chunky Chicken and Veggies) and I have seen some at this shop a few weeks ago so off I went.

Well, what do you know, there was a Chocolate Sale in the food section of the mall!
On sale were mostly European and US brands -- Guylian, Cote D’or, Lindt, Mozart, Hawaian Host and a few Korean chocs. Most chocs were at 30-50% off! Of course the catch was that the products are expiring in October 2011. But heck, I don't think my choco haul will last me till August haha, so I bought a few of the chocs I really loved. **It was an exercise in restraint, if I may say so**

I got myself these for my stocks:

(Prices are as converted from won to Pesos. These are ballpark figures not the exact converted prices.)

GoLightly Gluten Free and Sugar Free Butterscotch Candy – On Sale for PHP 100.00 per bag.

Guylian Belgian Extra Dark SeaShells ( Pack of 6 Personal Boxes) – On Sale for PHP 400.00
Each personal box has 6 extra dark chocolate seashells

Hawaiian Host Macnut Crunch – On Sale for PHP 250.00
18 pieces of chocolate covered Macadamias and crisped rice.

And my most favorite purchase of the day, something you don’t normally see in Seoul:

Lindt LINDOR Stracciatella 200g Box – On Sale for PHP 300.00
This is Lindt’s take on Cookies and Cream. White Chocolate Shell covering white chocolate and rick cocoa pieces. There were also Lindt Lindor Dark and Milk, but I decided to buy this because it’s not always an easy variant to get here or even in Dutyfree shops.


  1. oooooh heaven!! i want that macnut crunch!! :)

  2. love your posts sis! keep 'em coming. wanna go to seoul!


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