Saturday, 28 May 2011

This is Not Chocolate

Yes, it has that dark, unmistakably smooth finish. It has that umami taste. But look closely and believe me when I say that this is not chocolate.

This is Black Food and yes, this is not chocolate. Thing is, that’s a good thing. Because it might prove to be even better than Chocs.

Today, I stumbled upon this crazy little NOT CHOCOLATE box in the midst of the Chocolate Sale in chi-chi AK Plaza. (And yes, of course I bought myself some chocolate goodies too, but that’s going to be on the next Choco Porn Post).

This Black Bean Bars are made purely of black soy beans and rice puffs. Think Nestle Crunch but instead of chocolate, you have that silky smooth, very subtly sweet velvety black bean flavor enrobing those tiny little rice puffs.

A box of five Black Bean bars cost about PHP 85.00. Pretty cheap, I guess, mainly because they’re still introducing the product to the Korean market.

My take: Because I prefer distinct flavors over sweetness, I am smitten by this Black Bean Bar. It is perfect for those who cannot tolerate sugar in big doses as this has very little sugar added. Plus of course, the health benefits of black soy beans: low glycemic index (i.e. will not make you crave for sugar), helps prevent cardiovascular disease (as per Korean reseach results), rich in antioxidants and reduces risks in certain cancer. This is a perfect non-treat on days when one wants something that's both sweet and healthy.


  1. Low-sugar, low GI eh? Would this be safe for diabetics? I really really REALLY miss chocolates! =(

  2. Blackshirt, it is low GI but not really 100% sugar free~ Will ask my Korean friend to read the labels haha if it can be eaten by diabetics :-)


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