Sunday, 15 May 2011

Thank You, Benefit for FINDING MR. BRIGHT

Just to give you a clue of what I subject myself into just so I could get the most of my short time in Pinas: I arrive in Manila fresh from Davao on Tuesday morning, then went out to buy stuffs to bring to Seoul, met a friend for a bonding session in the afternoon, went home, had dinner with family, and off to the Airport for my 1 AM flight. Arriving on time in Incheon Airport at 6:15 AM, I changed into my office wear at Incheon’s powder room, took an airport express bus to Gangnam, dashed through a slight drizzle to the office and worked until 7 PM.

This is me on the evening of my arrival in Korea, finally at home, sleep deprived and yes, not having taken a bath at all.

I have admittedly bad skin, but I hate piling up stuffs on my face, so at Incheon airport, these are what I slapped on my face before rushing to the office: Benefit’s Finding Mr. Bright Kit, Lava Lipstick in 077 (Nude) and Skinfood’s Vita Tok Water Pact. No BB Cream or thick foundation whatsoever.

That illusion of freshness, I am sure, is because of Benefit’s Kit. So again, thank you, Benefit for your Finding Mr. Bright Kit:

It’s a set of four of Benefit’s Best Selling items in travel sizes.

Girl Meets Pearl - A liquid pearl for the face for that glow from within. The Benefit site advises to blend this on top of makeup but I use it only on the side of my face, on the jaw line and on the side of my nose.

Posie Tint – My current favorite lip and cheek tint at the moment. It gives a very pretty but natural pink flush. You do have to spread it quickly on your cheeks as it dries very fast. The best part? Amazingly long-wearing! 10 hours after application and the flush was still evident on my face!

High Beam- A liquid highlighter for the cheekbones and nose. The effect is subtle but yay it certainly gives a glowing aura and refines my features.

Erase Paste in Medium – I have dark marks on my face but I hate using concealers so of the four items, this is the product I seldom use. But it does help blur dark marks and fits perfectly with my complexion shade. I just don’t really like using concealers ☺

Benefit Products are a bit expensive so kits such as these are great. It allows neophyte users of this brand to try complementary items in small doses before buying full sizes. Admittedly, you only need a couple of dots/drops per application so I feel that my Finding Mr. Bright kit will last me a couple of months at the very least.

I bought the kit for 38USD at the Benefit Duty-Free Shop in Seoul , though I just found out that it costs only $37 at the Benefit US shop and they deliver to Korea for free with $115 purchase! I really have to cut on my spending haha so I can buy buy a backup of my Finding Mr. Bright Kit and try my other Benefit Lemmings – The Porefessional, Bella Bamba and Dandelion. What about you, what's your favorite Benefit Product? :-)


  1. I am currently loving Posietint too! It's so easy to use! I still think that you have nice skin, by the way. :)

  2. Hi Miss Pammy! Yay, thanks for the comment! I love Posietint too! Now my K blushes - Lioele, Skinfood, and Etude, nakatabi na lang. BTW, I love your blog.:-)

  3. Love bella bamba too! it's my staple blush now.. :) i really wanted to try girl meets pearl too..

  4. You should try The Poreprofessional and bella bamba its really awesome! ;-)

  5. ^Thanks, Zette! They are on my next Benefit to-buy list! Haha gotta set aside some moolah first :-) Thanks for dropping by!

    Ay, can I ask something about Poreprofessional? Does it have a grainy texture? I have actually given up on Silica-based pore reducing primes because they form grains on my face. I hope the Poreprofessional lives up to the great reviews!


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