Thursday, 19 May 2011

Let's Talk About Vita Tok

Finally, I found a Skinfood Pact that I love!

I have always felt shortchanged by the pacts from Skinfood. Aside from their Peach Sake Silky Finish Powder, I've been mainly dissapointed with Skinfood powders (having tried the Omija Complexion Pact, Carrot Pact and the Rice Shimmer Powder), it might just be my ugly skin haha, but the finishes of SF pacts have always seemed unnaturally off-color on my skin. Which is why aside from the Peach Sake Silky Finish Powder, I have never been loyal to any powder/foundation from Skinfood.

My normally oily skin has become dry and prone to flaking. I attribute this mainly to the M2 Skin Refinish Lotion that I've been using nightly. As much as I love the great finish and concealing power of my expensive Lotree Rosa Davurica Triple Cake, I've noticed that after
a few hours, flakes of dead skin and powder particles accumulate on my cheeks and jawline. I have tried using a moisturizer (also from Lotree) and a primer (Anna Sui Moisturizing Primer) but the flakes were still ever present.

I was set to buy a new BB pact from Missha. See, I have tried and finished Missha's Perfect BB Pact and I thought it was right to go back to it. It's a cream based pact, in between a powder and a liquid foundation. I've gotten complements when I was using this, I think precisely because it has very good coverage haha. But it is a bit expensive and is not really lightweight on the skin, so hmmm, was thinking if plunking another 25k won (about 1.3k in Pesos) was worth it.

Well, hello there, serendipity!

On a trip to Skinfood to buy some stocks for the store, I chanced upon a new product from their Vita Tok line. Vita Tok Water Pact -- the word "water" alone got me interested since I needed that for my parched skin. I tried it on my hand and I loved the smooth, almost airy application.

So yes I bought one and after three weeks of use, here's my talk on the Vita Tok Water Pact.

What it supposedly does, according to Skinfood: It has Vitamin C and Hyaluronic Acid to keep the skin moist. It is an emulsion type pact which dries into a light powdery finish.

What I like about this product: Not too expensive at about PHP 900.00. There is a separate container for the applicator sponge which makes using it more hygienic. The emulsion-type foundation is amazingly light on the skin. Not creamy (like most BB creams and BB pacts) but smooth-watery. It is hard to describe the lightness of this pact because it does dry to a light powdery finish after a few seconds. I like that it does its work by preventing the flakes from forming on my face but is not too heavy nor oily, so I suppose if one's face is not too oily, this will work.

Another good thing is the shade ( I use the darker shade, #23 Natural Beige). Unlike the Omija and Carrot pacts which have extremely yucky ~ off white cast even for the darker shade #23/#2 (at least for me), this one fits my skin color to a T. I like that using this pact is almost like using a moisturizing primer and a light coverage foundation in one single step.

I also like the scent, which is a fruity scent bordering on citrusy. None of those powdery and perfume-y fragrance which I hate.

What it can't do for you: The coverage is sheer. I guess if you build it up, you can get a medium coverage at best. This is meant for the Spring/Summer season so it is really meant to be applied lightly to get that no-makeup look. While it does not cause my face to oil up, I don't really think it has much oil control, so this is not one for those who want an oil absorbing pact (though I do use the Peach Sake Silky Powder to touch up within the day, so this too might work for you.)

You can get it at your SF stores, or at the shop as I brought a few pacts as stocks last May when I came home to Pinas.

This might seem like a PR thing aight? But I seriously love this pact. It trumps the pricey Lotree Pact (which is drying) and even BB Creams. I currently use only this pact and the Benefit Finding Mr. Bright Kit for my everyday office make-up. Saves me a lot of time getting ready for work!


  1. Oh gosh I know what you mean about the white cast with the Carrot pact. I'm using it right now to top off my bb creams and there's ALWAYS a white cast. Le sigh. I am in the market for a finishing powder for dry skin that's not too sparkly. :(

  2. Hi Kari! Haha oo may cast nga yung Carrot and even the Omija :-( Have you tried Palgantong as a finishing powder? Now I just use my Skinfood Peach Sake Silky Finish for finishing and touch ups. Okay naman! :-)

  3. Oh my, I think I have to try this! Ü Pacts at Etude are really light for my skin tone and I've been lemming to try Skin Food pacts (since they're better for the skin? XD)

  4. I have just read this post and I totally agree with how the Omija of SF gives off white casts :(


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