Monday, 27 June 2011

Going Semi-Nude at Kraze

No. This is not a risque entry.

When I say Semi-Nude, I mean this:

Semi-Nude in my foodie world means no bread, just meat and veggies. *wink*

Two all-beef burger patties grilled medium well, 3 bacon rashers, a portion of sweet grilled onions, a juicy tomato slice, melted cheese and, a perfect egg over easy. Oh, and almost as if an afterthought, a side of salad greens with a light dressing of honey mustard and a sweet vinaigrette.

Is it any wonder that this is my favorite burger in Seoul? I get my fix at Kraze Burger, a homegrown burger chain in Seoul which is slowly making its way to the rest of Asia (I think there are branches of this in HK and Macau). This chain has the tagline, "The Healthy Burger" because they supposedly use only good oils and well, they grill their burgers. Hmmm, not actually enough to tag their burgers healthy.

But I don't care haha. In a country where burgers are limited to Lotteria and McDo and a few mom-and-pop burger places, Kraze is the one consistently good burger chain with reasonable prices in Seoul.

And yes, this is not fastfood. They cook your food upon order in the open kitchen, a trademark of Kraze Burger joints here ( I don'r know though if the open Kitchen concept is also applied to their overseas branches). The prices are reasonable by Korean standards but not something I can afford everyday. The Semi-nude is 9900 won (about 450 pesos) without fries. Which is sad,
because their Idaho Country Fries are seriously good: Thick potato wedges with crispy skins surrounding soft, almost mushy innards.

They claim that their potatoes are freshly made~ i.e. they cut and fry their wedges themselves, unlike most fastfood joints that buy them in ready-to-fry bags.

What I like about Kraze Burger, aside from their burgers, is that they will let you order any item to share. It is not uncommon to see diners share one burger and an order of fries.

And how about the drinks? Well, they have their Ades, even Heinekens, but like most Korean eateries you don't actually need to buy a drink here as they provide water for free. In fact, the water at Kraze Burger is lovely. Slices of lemon swirl around a pitcher of water, giving tha hint of subtle but delightful lemon tang to the H20. And you get that for free! (Now where in Manila can we have unlimited Lemon Water free of charge? :-( )

There are no desserts at Kraze Burger though, so for something sweet, most diners would transfer to a coffee shop, or, if you're like me and my friend, we go here:

Go to Krispy Kreme for a bit of Bunny Donuts and other sweet, pillowy, airy doughs of deliciousness!

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