Saturday, 2 July 2011

DARE: Best Cookies Ever

Screw Oreos and Choco Chip cookies. At least for me, these are the best cookies ever:

The experience begins when you open the package. That scent – sweet, musky, slightly buttery hits you head on. It is the unmistakable sweet essence of real Canadian maple. I pick a cookie:

A beautiful, ornate, lightly yellow maple leaf shaped cookie.

The cookie itself is a bit of a paradox: Its texture is similar to a shortbread, buttery and crumbly, and yet it is not grainy and is moist enough that it’s softer than normal cream cookies such as Oreos. And yep, the maple flavor is baked in the cookie –soft, lingering and not too sweet.

And just like Oreos, the best part is in the middle. The filling:

The maple flavored, golden brown crème is sweet but not sickeningly so. How do I describe the deliciousness of eating this? It’s just, well, maple love. I used to associate maple with nothing but pancakes (maple syrup,yes?) but a bite of this cookie has made me a convert. Maple is best in cookies, Dare Cookies to be exact.

These Ultimate Maple Creme Cookies are made by a company in Canada called Dare. It does make sense, since Maple is Canada’s most famous embelm and symbol, so they ought to know how to make amazing goodies from one of their famous products, aight?

I’ll say it again, Screw Chips Ahoy, Famous Amos, or even Pepperidge Farm. There's nothing like Dare Maple Cremes. Even though they are pretty expensive in Seoul and are pretty hard to get outside of Canada. A seven piece cookie pack here normally sells for about 2,200 KRW (100 pesos). But last week, Kim’s Club, a grocery near my flat held a sale of Dare Cookies at 50% off! The catch is that the cookies are expiring by mid-August. But I don’t care haha. I know that the four boxes of cookies I bought will barely last me until next week. I just ate the one whole box at the office yesterday, nibbling my precious maple cookies during my mini-breaks from work.

Dare makes a variety of Ultimate Crème cookies but the only variants I’ve seen aside from the Maple ones are Coconut and Lemon. I also bought the Lemon Cremes which were on sale too and just like the Maple ones, these are brimming with bright lemon flavor --- tart and sweet and deliciously citrusy.

If you ever come across these cookies, grab them. I dare say, you’ll love them too!


  1. Looks so yummy! Want to try this one! haha

  2. is it available in manila?? :)

  3. Pinkcookies: I am not sure sis if we have this at grocery stores in Manila. I think I saw these cookies before sa Fiesta Dutyfree "-)

  4. i'm drooling. . . . pwede ba magorder sa iyo?

  5. I've heard about these cookies before but I have never tried them before. LOoks really good. I love everything which has some kind of "surprise" inside.

  6. @joyskidooper: Naku Miss Joyce. Yung on Sale na cookies na Dare kasi dito (I am in Seoul) mid-week ng August na ang expiration date haha so I don't think pwede pa ako magsend sa Pinas ng Dare cookies. Sorry!

    @Chew on This: I really love this cookie. It's good by itself, pero take it with coffee, tea or milk or anything creamy (like Vanilla ice cream) and the maple flavor really bursts and intensifies. :-)


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