Saturday, 4 June 2011

Pat Bing Su, A Frugal Dinner

This is what a perfect weekend is made of:
~ the perfect weather: sunny but cool at 16 deg. C
~ Monday is a non-working holiday. Hello, long weekend!
~A hundred tasks to do but enough time to accomplish them
~Time to jog and enjoy the spring weather
~And comfort food as your reward for accomplishing tasks!

When your morning begins at 7 AM, waking up early on a Saturday to finish important tasks for something you are passionate about, leaving the house at 11 AM to deal with what shall remain as supersecret things at the moment , I did feel that I needed some food shopping therapy to reward myself for a good start into the long weekend.

The late lunch (Take-out):

Tendon Rice Bowl~ See how great it is that the rice is separated from the prawns and sauce?

Takoyaki Balls~ my favorite food in the world

On the way home, I passed by the Food Section of AK Plaza to buy some crackers. I went home with these:

Pack of Crackers, Lindt Lindor Assortment 500g , Hawaiian Host Dark Chocolate Covered Macadamia.
Because I still have A LOT of chocolates from my last week’s sale stash , I’ve set these two chocs aside for the care package I’m sending out to the family in Pinas by the end of June ☺

The After-Lunch Dessert:

Pat Bing Su~ red beans, shaved ice, sweet milk and chewy, sweet rice cakes! Korea's favorite summer dessert.

The weekend is my only time to jog and wander along the river so I walked and jogged for close two hours this afternoon.

The jogging path near my home

All that lunch extravaganza and the jogging made me want to have a frugal dinner:

Crackers, Mazzetti Pesto, Vegetable Juice. It might be frugal (in calories!) but because Pesto is my second most favorite thing in the world, every little bit of pesto smeared cracker is for me, delicious beyond words. Hmmm, this kind of made me think...

That with food, as with friends (and in life), it is not the numbers or the variety that counts, but the truth that what you have, what you are savouring is something you really want.

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