Saturday, 30 July 2011

A Lush Day

It’s payday weekend, and what do I reward myself for a month of productive activities?

A little yellow package of scented happiness!

I have been sleeping late the past weeks. And it shows on my utterly dry and dull body skin. So today as I tittered around at the mall buying the week’s grocery, I gave in to indulgence and bought these:

Lush bars (Fresh Handmade Cosmetics) are not something I buy on a regular basis. For one, they are incredibly overpriced where I am (2x the US prices), plus I ordinarily get by with the affordable Happy Bath Products. When I do think of indulgent shower affairs, nothing comes close to using Lush products for that A-mazing, uplifting and ultra-fragrant bathing experience.

Dry skin and payday are my alibis for Lush.

The task of deciding what to buy at Lush is a fun and totally confusing experience. One spends minutes sniffing through the soap, testing out creams and jelly soaps. Lush is a girl’s version of the chocolate factory – endless products of yummy soaps and natural cosmetics.
In the end, I settled for the good old standbys:

Honey I Washed the Kidsthe creamy bar with caramel topping. This might just be everyone’s favorite Lush bar. And what’s not to like? It looks like a slice of caramel flan, smells like caramel and honey and is amazingly moisturizing. I love sweet, vanilla scents so this is always on top of my Lush list.

Rockstar the candy pink bar. I am trying this soap for the first time. It honestly didn’t smell that good at the store, at least in comparison to Honey I Washed The Kids, but it had sweet undertones and I have read reviews of this soap settling into a nice subtle candy scent on the skin. How does it fare? We’ll I was doing some business stuff last night until midnight and there was this lingering scent of sweet, musky smell, at first I was wondering where that came from, but then I realized, It was me! It was the Rockstar on my skin!

There are so many things to love about Lush: they use the least amount of preservatives and chemicals on their products. The scents of Lush products are often complex - like perfumes, the soap scents dry into the skin and become slightly different, almost like they have fragrance top and bottom notes. The scent lasts on the skin for quite a while –at least a couple of hours. So these might well take the place of one’s light cologne during the hot summer season .

Only thing is they are expensive. And then there’s the thing that is impossibly difficult to avoid with Lush Soaps : they melt fast, like utterly fast. Do not make the mistake of leaving your Lush soap in an open soap holder where water can seep, or else your pricey Lush soap will in turn into goop in a day’s time.

What I personally do to make these Lush bars last longer is cut small portions off the bars for use. Then I stash the big bars in a cool, dry place ( like in your clothes drawer! The bonus is that our clothes would be infused with the delectable scents!)

How about you, what have you indulged in lately? Have a lush week ahead!

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