Thursday, 18 August 2011

Zzzz. This Blog is Asleep. zzzZ

My apology for the lack of new posts.

This is what happens when you have poor time management, or maybe, I am just too darn busy :-(

I actually have a lot of posts lined up, but I can't just find the proper frame of mind to string together enough words to make a post.

Between whole day Zzzz-worthy meetings at the office, plus my nightly tasks of invoicing orders, anwering online queries, coordinating with the US buyer (and getting riled up at times), talking with B who oversees the store in Davao, and getting pabilis from the Dutyfree Shop, and the fact that my weekends are almost always filled with shopping sprees (not for me, but for clients), sigh, I just can't still my mind enough to write anything.

Whatever free time I have, I use it for planning my one solo trip to somewhere below the equator.

Thank goodness, I am off on Saturday to good ole Pinas for my vacation! One week of sunshine, home-cooked meals, beaches and cheap food (at least in Davao, food is cheap!). I shall catch the tailend of Davao's Kadayawan Festival, except I'd be at our store's booth the whole of Sunday haha. But it's okay, I'm looking forward to changing gears~ tindera mode, yes :-)

I still don't have a firm what-to-do list for my solo trip to Melbourne, haha, but it's okay. I don't want to be stressed by this. I chose Melbourne for my vacation precisely because it's supposedly easy to go around, it's safe, and because Anthony Bourdain loves Melbourne to bits ! Although I have yet to finalize my itinerary, the food, ah the food, in that aspect, I'm good! Bratswurst for breakfast at QVM, a good Italian meal, tabouleh + humus + falafel, and Aussie meat pies! Plus a chocolate tour through Haigh's Chocolates, Koko Black, Lindt Cafe, and Ganache for some chocolate indulgence. Yes, that's how my priorities go --food, above all else :-) I hope I'd be able to take okay pics this time because, as my friends say, I take crappy blurred pics~ and I hope to blog about my first solo leisure trip when I get back :-)



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