Saturday, 16 July 2011

Shopping High at H&M

Forgive me for this narcissistic entry, but I just have to blog about my shopping high at H&M and Uniqlo today.

Do not misunderstand, I am no Becky Bloomwood.

For the record, I do not spend much on clothes. I am a true-blue Ukay girl, I buy most of my officewear at my Ukay Suki in Tagaytay ( There’s a building near the Tagaytay Rotonda that’s full of Ukay finds! I bought my DKNY black dress there for PHP 50.00 and a Zara winter jacket for PHP 120!!). My Maxi dresses, I buy in Uyanguren or from a little stall in Damosa Gateway, both in Davao City. Because I come home to Pinas at least twice a year, I wait for my trip to Pinas to get my fix from my favorite Ukay and bargain outlets. On the infrequent times when I buy brand new clothes, I almost always get them at discounted prices so I eagerly wait for season sales.

Well, what do you know, Seoul is having its annual Summer Sale! So shoot me. For the past three weeks, everytime I go out of the house and visit Myeongdong, I find myself carrying a shopping bag from either H&M , Forever21 or Uniqlo. I tell myself, it’s worth it, because I bought stuff that I wouldn’t even consider purchasing at their normal prices.

Today, I met up with a girl friend in Myeongdong. As always, our meeting place was at H&M Jr. ( I call this branch Jr. because it’s the smallest of the 3 H&M shops in Myeongdong. All within walking distance from each other!)

About 70% of the items at the store were on Sale! The Sale discounts were unbelievable! These are what I bought at H&M today:

An orange camisole top and a striped tube top for 3000 won (PHP 140) each. Regular price for the Camisole and Tubetop is 10000 (PHP 450) each.

A golden brown Maxi Dress. I have been eyeing this Maxi Dress since May! The original price is 79,000 won ( PHP 3555.00) but I got it for the unbelievable price of 15000 won ( PHP 675.00)!!! I could not believe it myself!

But the best buy for me was this:

A red tube top which I can use in the evenings for snazzy affairs and is classy enough that I can pair it with a blazer and use it at the office. The original price: 99000 won ( PHP 4455.00). I snagged this for only 15000 won (PHP 675.00)!!! It looks short and unshapely on the hanger. But I tried it on and lookie-lookie!

Forgive me for my excess fats, haha! But to my mind, it does look acceptable enough and with a bit of exercising and Pilates, I think I’ll own this dress, haha! Fighting!

After H&M, we also dropped by the Japanese casual clothing shop, Uniqlo. It was also on sale , but the discounts were not even close to what we got at H&M ☹ I did buy a pair of jeans because they were cheap and because I only have two good pairs of Jeans here in Seoul.

It’s a pair of boyfriend cut cropped jeans. Regular price is 39000 won (PHP 1755.00) but I bought this for only 10000 won (PHP 450.00). Definitely a good buy in my book. ☺

That’s it for my Shopping High Saturday! The Summer Sale is until the end of July. So help me God! Please give me the strength to curb my bargain hunting instincts and kill my incessant rationalizations (I saved almost 3k pesos! Great Bargain!). Please, please help me keep away from these stores until the sale ends.


  1. Oooh, I love the two dresses! And you don't look fat, just right and curvy. =)

  2. Win talaga ang red dress! Fierce!


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