Wednesday, 21 September 2011

A Cheapskate's First Pair of D.G.'s

D.G.: Designer Sunglasses

I have worn eyeglasses since I was twelve. And up until I discovered the joy of wearing contact lenses in college, I pretty much looked like your typical geeky kid -- tall, gangly and wearing spectacles that were never in vogue.

I suppose I found no reason for sunglasses ever. If I wanted to avoid the sun's glare, I wore a cap/hat. Plus, I figured, my contact lenses have UV protection, so what's the point of wearing shades?

But exactly a month ago, I was with a friend at the local Dutyfree shop, we were both going home to the Philippines for our vacation so we were buying stuffs (I was buying orders, while he was purchasing gifts for his SO). Because it was almost the tailend of the summer season in Seoul, they were having a pretty generous sale on sunglasses and since I was bored, I went to try a few.

Well, well, well. I guess because eyeglasses always make me look older, I had the notion that sunglasses would not suit me well. But I was
happily pleased with some of the shades I tried!

I tried a number of brands and was actually smitten by a pair by Vivienne Westwood. Sadly they were only only 10% off, which was way too expensive for me (10k pesos for a pair of sunglasses?! No way!)

In the end, after numerous fittings with the ever-patient shop assistant who practically let me try all the shades that were on salefor 30% and more, I bought this:

These cost me about $125. Yes I admit, they are still pretty pricey but when I consider that I got a 45% discount (Original Price is $228.0) off the pair,I think it's a pretty good buy. I actually got it for less than half the original price haha because I used my Silver VIP card to harangue another 10% discount. :-)

It's an oversized Givenchy shades (Model SGV725 in Honey Gold) that's fully plastic, with a round silhouette. Looking at it, it does seem a bit OA, and too big for my not too big, longish, face but I loved it at first fit. And I pledged to use this pair as much as possible and keep it scratch free as long as I live (because unless I get really rich, I don't think I'll have the heart to purchase another pair for a looong, loooong time. I'm kuripot like that :-P ). And it is totally superficial, yes, but I love going out into the sun these days, if only so I could wear these shades :D

When to wear your sunglasses:
1. When the sun is out (which applies 90% of the time in Pinas)

2. When you've just had a diamond peel/chemical peel/derma procedure which have turned your face into a red tomato. Wear a pair of peepers so people won't recognize you(or at least you hope they won't).

3. When you have conjunctivitis!

But please, por favor, unless you really are a celebrity, do not ever attempt to wear your peepers at night! Wag masyadong feeling, te!

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