Friday, 16 September 2011

The OZ Files #2: Original Source, Lucas Papaw et al.

The only beauty and kikay-related buys I got from my recent trip to Australia are these:

Lucas Papaw Ointment, Original Source Body Washes, Emu Oil Cream

Cosmetics are pretty expensive in Oz. A lipstick from the drugstore brand, Australis, costs the same as a MAC lipstick ☹ Even the Collection for Target Australia by Bloom Cosmetics were pricey beyond belief (35 AUS $ for a blush on?!). So I spent wisely (haha!) and purchased only these affordable products which are either made in Australia or the UK(as opposed to Australian brands that are really made in China):

LUCAS PAPAW OINTMENT (6 AUS $) – it’s a cult favorite among Aussies. Made of fermented Papaya extract. It is an anti-irritation cream which can be used to soothe chafing, cracked skin, rashes and splinters. I have yet to open my tubes as I am saving these to combat the red, dry and flakey skin during the winter season in Seoul.

– for the size, this one’s a great buy! Made of pure Emu Oil and Vitamin E, this a light, organic moisturizer to combat dry, sensitive skin.

– These are my happiest kikay buys in Oz.
I first encountered Original Source in 2008 while living in London. It’s a UK-based brand that uses pure plant extracts and all natural ingredients. The brand’s credo is to pack as much natural stuff into its products. They also do not do animal testing so no guilt over that too. I guess it’s a bit like LUSH COSMETICS and THE BODY SHOP, both UK brands leaning towards the use of mainly natural ingredients. The only difference is that Lush and The Body Shop are pretty pricey brands, while Original Source is surprisingly cheap! It’s a drugstore brand normally found in Boots, ASDA and Tesco in the UK, and in Target, Priceline and Cole’s in Australia.

I bought the Mint and Tea Tree Shower Gel and the Shea Butter and Honey Showe Cream. Both are outstanding in totally opposite ways!

The Mint and Tea Tree Shower Gel delivers and really gives that minty, tingling sensation. Really Invigorating! A perfect shower gel on mornings when I feel really crappy and tired. Sad thing is,I only bought two bottles of this. I wish I bought more!

The Shea Butter and Honey Shower Cream is yummy as any sweet-smelling shower cream can be. Made of honey and luxurious shea butter, it smells like sweet milk candy and feels so luxurious on the skin. To my mind, this is a perfect indulgent bath at night and on weekends, something I use to wind down and give myself some pampering.

I can only vouch for the Original Source Shower products’s awesomeness as I have yet to use the two moisturizers. But take my word for it, these shower gels are amazing! If I get the chance to go back to Oz soon, I would surely hoard on these!

I realize now, that all the items cost less than 7 AUS $ each. Great bargains, I guess, by Oz standards. ☺

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