Saturday, 15 October 2011

FACT OR FICTION:A Beauty Haul including a Kiehl's set for $10.00!


Kiehl’s Boxed Gift Set:
30 ml Ultra Facial Cleanser
7 ml Ultra Facial Cream
40 ml Ultra Facial Toner

A Trio of Magazines:

Elle a’ Seoul - Elle Korea’s Seoul lifestyle supplement showcasing new eateries, new brands, new must-do’s in Seoul.

Elle by Hera – Hera’s sponsored beauty supplement filled with Hera product descriptions and images of Sin Min Ah.

Elle Korea – book –thick and a joy to browse through. For that alone, magazines here in Seoul rock! And if you’re like me who loves perfumes, it’s always a bonus to find sniff pages such as the one pictured below, so we can get a whiff of the newest fragrances at no cost ☺

All these, 3 Magazines + the Kiehl’s set, I got for only $10.00. I kid you not. This is how cheap magazines are in Seoul. And most of the fashion magazines offer samplers of expensive products to its target women to try (a.k.a. the beauty conscious ladies in Korea!) so they can try out the products and hopefully purchase them at the stores. For October 2011, if I remember correctly, Vogue Korea was offering a set of Aveeno facial wash and toner (Or was it Aveeda? ), Nylon was offering a full-sized Vitamin C serum. There was also a local mag. offering a Clinique Facial Wash but I chose to get Elle because I kinda liked the feature, My Home Project, for my home decorating ideas. And well, because autumn has come and I wanted to try Kiehl’s supposedly amazing Ultra Cream for my suddenly dry skin.

Caveat: The only thing with these magazine product bundles is that these are not advertised at the bookstores’ online shop, so to get hold of the bundles, one needs to purchase them at the physical stores. But it works fine for me ha because Kyobo Bookstore’s main branch is a 15 minute walk away from my office so I pass by once in a while to check the new releases *grins *.

Oh, and yes, the magazines are in Korean ☺ But then, I buy them for the images and the freebies not for the write-ups.

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  1. Ahay. Wait. Gusto ko sana pero di ko sure kung ok lang ba ito for oily skin ^^;


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