Friday, 7 October 2011

An Indulgent Breakfast from Pinas

The cold’s finally arrived in Seoul. The days starting to be grayer, the nights longer.
It’s Saturday, my official chore day, and having gone on a weekend holiday to the Philippines last week, I sure have a lot to do – a mountain of clothes to wash, and my little flat in dire need of cleaning.

What does one have for breakfast on days like these when it’s officially my rest day but I am harangued with a hundred things on the task pad?

I say, go for an indulgent breakfast! Something that will satisfy both my gut and my need for something a bit comforting and well. Swoon-worthy.

Beef Lasagne brought all the way from the Philippines. One of the pre-cooked goodies I bought from a neighborhood eatery in Paranaque, Sieg’s Diner. It isn’t the richest lasagne in the world, the béchamel (white cheese layer) being almost non-existent, but it’s yummy enough and has a pretty long shelf life, I think because it’s a relatively drier (not too saucy) and less cheesy lasagna. Where I am, lasagne, unless I make it, is hard to find. So this is certainly my comfort food.

Partnered with some Grissini Breadsticks bought from S&R, my current favorite shop in the Philippines, this meal was comfort food heaven.

And what’s an indulgent brekkie without dessert?

Sweet and tart, these lemon squares from S&R are my idea of a perfect dessert ~ complex, and not overly sweet. Something that's refreshing and light, a foil to the rich meal I just had.

Happy busy Saturday, Everyone!


Sieg’s Dinner
94 Dona Soledad Ave. Better Living Subd. Paranaque
I must say that we love this place! The prices are amazing,, ranging form 65 to 200. The serving sizes are huge! The food though not spectacular are good in a comfort food kind of way. And the people who work here are courteous and nice!

S&R Membership Shopping
Branches at The Fort, Alabang, Quezon City, and a few others with a new branch in Cebu.
One has to pay for an annual membership fee (700 pesos) to shop but for us, it is so sulit! There are a lot of imported brands that are really reasonably priced. Aside from the grocery stuffs, I like their linen selection and their kitchenwares. They also have really value for money baked goods. The box of Lemon Squares I brought with me to Korea costs only about PH 250.00 and was big enough that after offering it as pasalubong to my workmates at the office, I was left with a third of the cake.

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