Monday, 12 December 2011

MAC LADY DANGER is Fierce and Lovely

It is described as a bright orange-red lipstick. Something that's only for the fearless.

Not entirely true.

They are however correct about the color~ it is equal parts orange and red. Something that is extremely hard to find in lipsticks.

Unlike the Lava Lipstick #1 which is really bright red with a hint of orange, Lady Danger is well, a beautiful mix of orange and red. (Lava, if you still don't know, is the the Korean lipstick brand made by Samsung Cosmetics that's been touted as having the best, lowcost dupes of MAC lipsticks. More info about Lava Lipsticks here).

The thing about Lady Danger is that despite the color being bold, brazen and yes, utterly beautiful. It is also very wearable. It certainly is not one of those cutesy, barely there lippies. You wear this and your lips certainly get the attention. However, do not fear, as the matte finish makes it not too shiny ( I do not really like glossy or shiny finishes in lipstick) . Though it is not as longwearing as the MAC Longwear Pros, the Lady Danger stays on my lips in full color for about three hours, after that the shade recedes into a more understated but still pretty tangerine-red color.

If you read the reviews, some would say that Lady Danger is suitable only for those with light skintones.

I am NC30 (light to natural beige) and I think it goes well with my skintone:-) So do not be afraid, I think this color will do for those who are pale to light morenas. Darker skintones might bring out the orange-y shade of this lipstick more.

Don't mind the face haha. But see how pretty yet still office-appropriate the Lady Danger lippie is? :-)

I use it at the office almost everyday mainly to brighten up my winter mood. When everything at the office is a bit gray and gloomy, a fierce lip color is my form of rebellion haha.

What's not good about it?

I have experienced some color bleed-off to the outer edges of the lips :-(

The red color of the lipstick might not show up on those with darker skintones.

This is a hard to find lipcolor. I got hold of this only through my US Spree Partners as this is most often available only through the MAC Online Shop and not on MAC Counters.

***Yes, TLC Shop does offer this and other MAC Lipsticks but on a pre-order Basis only. From PHP 865.00 each. We order them directly from the MAC Online Store in the US. If you want to join our MAC Sprees, add us up on Facebook to get updates on our US Sprees.

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